Tehmina Durrani: All About The Author Who Is Married To New Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif

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Shehbaz Sharif was sworn in as the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan on April 11, after the government of former cricketer and politician Imran Khan lost a trust vote in the parliament. Sharif was sworn in by acting President Sadiq Sanjrani. Apart from his swift rise to power, Sharif has been in news for having married five times. He currently lives with two of his wives-Tehmina Durrani and Nusrat.

Shehbaz Sharif is the brother of former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif. The Sharif family has only acknowledged the new Prime Minister’s wedding to Begum Nusrat Shahbaz and Tehmina Durrani, and has refused to grant legitimacy to his other alliances with Aaliya Honey, who was a model; Nilofer Khosa, who is the sister of DG Federal Investigation Agency Tariq Khosa and Kalsoom Hai, who is a government official.

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Who Is Tehmina Durrani?

Durrani is a Pakistani author, activist, socialite and artist. She got married to Sharif in 2003, allegedly after having an affair with him for years. It is rumoured that no one, including high ranking government officials or his family, had any clue about the wedding.

The author also has a foundation called the Tehmina Durrani Foundation which is, according to the website, inspired by the philosophy and vision of Pakistani humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi. The organisation works for causes like income inequality, women empowerment and providing healthcare to the needy.

Durrani belongs to one of Pakistan’s most influential families and was raised within the Lahore high society. She was educated at the same school as Benazir Bhutto. She first married Mustafa Khar, a prominent political figure in Pakistan, with whom she had four children. Khar became “violently possessive” due to which Durrani walked out of the marriage after 14 years.

During the divorce, Durrani reportedly signed away any financial support from her former husband. She lost custody of her four children and found herself alienated. The bitter experience led her to write her book My Feudal Lord: A devastating indictment of women’s role in Muslim society.

She has also written books like Blasphemy: A Novel (1998), Mon Seigneur Et Maitre (1991), Happy Things in Sorrow Times (2013) and Kafir (2017).