Red Light Area to New York's Bard College: Shweta Katti's Journey Will Give You Goosebumps

Shweta Katti went from small school education, volunteering as an activist learning social work to New York's Bard College where she is now on a full scholarship.

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Who is Shweta Katti? She calls herself krantikari. And for good reason. She has fought many battles while growing up in Mumbai city's red-light district. Shweta Katti Wiki Bio

A young girl with a dream to get educated and help other young girls dealing with challenges, Katti went from small school education, volunteering as an activist learning social work to New York's Bard College where she is now on a full scholarship.

Her Back Story Shweta Katti Wiki Bio

Katti's mom was a sex worker who also volunteered at an NGO. That's probably where Katti's activism took roots. With her mother's support and her own go-getter attitude, Katti enrolled in a school. “I grew up in Mumbai’s largest red-light district, Kamatipura,” she shares on her LinkedIn. “Education and a safe environment was a huge struggle for me growing up."

Katti, who grew up in Kamathipura is now at Bard's College with a full scholarship. Her journey has been nothing short of inspirational. She has also done tremendous ground-up work in her field of activism.

  • Katti grew up in Mumbai. She went to study at Shreemathi Nathibhai University.
  • Shweta Katti believes in the power of education changing people's lives and circumstances.
  • "Education and a safe environment were a huge struggle for me growing up," Katti says of her journey.
  • She interned with Sambaavnaa and learned about political and social issues in the development sector of India, an area she continues to be interested in as part of her work for the social sector.
  • As part of her work with Sambaavnaa, Katti visited five NGOs working on different social justice issues in Himachal. She also spoke about the issues girls in the red light districts face.
  • Katti spent time at Delhi-based organisation Pravah. Planned classes and taught balwadi classes (Balwadi is an Indian pre-school run for economically weaker sections of the society, either by government or NGOs) twice a day for 45 children.
  • When she was quite a little girl herself, Katti taught Mathematics and mentored 20 neighbourhood students, between ages 13-17, in Mumbai's largest Red Light Area of Kamathipura. At the time she was with the Apne Aap Women's Collective.
  • Katti continues to volunteer and conducted workshops for Adivasi (Tribal) women on women’s rights

Red Light Districts To New York Bard College: Shweta Katti Is Living Proof Of Dreams Coming True

Katti's aim was to understand socioeconomic factors that impact a young girl's life. At Bard's College, she is hoping to megaphone the difficulties a sex worker's child faces growing up, whether it's access to resources to getting respect in society.  Having been educated herself, Katti believes education is the answer to true transformation in a person's life.

"My aim in life is to provide psychological support to other marginalised girls like me to also pursue education against all odds," she says.

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