Who Is Nicole Walters? Entrepreneur’s Yet-To-Be Titled Memoir Will Release In 2023

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Nicole Walters, an entrepreneur, will release her memoir in 2023 which will be published by Simon Element, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. The yet-to-be-titled memoir of the USA Networks’ family docu-comedy She’s the Boss star was acquired by Leah Trouwborst, the senior editor at Simon Element.

“I am thrilled to partner with Simon Element to put this memoir – this guide – out into the world, using my own personal journey as the real-life example, so that anyone can apply what I have discovered while navigating motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship,” Walters had told Variety. “This book is what I have learned in the process of losing- and finding- myself. Welcome to my challenging, joyful, hot mess, purposeful, triumphant world,” she added.

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Who Is Nicole Walters?

  • Walters grew up in Washington DC; she was born to Ghanaian immigrant parents. Her father worked as a cab driver and her mother as a secretary at a company in the city. Walters, reportedly, said that since her childhood she saw a gap between the low-income groups and those with wealth and wanted to bridge the gap.
  • Walters completed her education and by the age of 28 was working with companies and managing their business relationships for multibillion-dollar businesses. Walters said although she had a nice paying job, she did not feel content.
  • She later set up her own business Inherit Learning Company which offers corporate-style education on financial, legal and sale strategies for industries. Walters, while working for UnitedHealthcare Insurance, had started her blog Natural Nicole on the side from which she earned minimal money.
  • Her blog was getting advertisement offers, she began working with many companies. In 2015, she quit her job live on Periscope and later started her marketing company.
  • She said that in the first three weeks after her blog took off, she could make nearly 11,000 dollars and completely paid off her husband’s hospital bills. This prompted her to quit and start her own venture.
  • According to Forbes, Walters’ company had 3.5 million revenue in 2020, with projected revenue of 10 million dollars in 2021. She has a significant and perhaps better-known side hustle, hit reality TV show on USA Network, She’s The Boss.Walters has also adopted three children, her sisters: Daya, Krissy and Ally. On a date night in October 2014, the couple came across a mother struggling with her three kids.
  • The couple adopted the child after the biological mother told the couple she was being incarcerated. The girls remained with the Walters even after their biological mother was released.