Who Is Nemah Hasan? Palestinian-Canadian Singer Going Viral For Her Song

Who Is Nemah Hasan
A singer named Nemah Hasan called out multi-million dollar makeup corporation for exploitation in her viral song.

In her new song ‘What if I took it off for you?’ conveyed a powerful message. She released the song on June 23 this year. She explained in the Instagram post that, she “reached a breaking point with [her] hijab.” She added that her biggest setback was her hijab and that “a lot of relationships/opportunities depend on appearances”.

The song’s Youtube video description, “what if I took it off for you?’ is my debut single, it tells the story of my experience shooting a global campaign for a multimillion-dollar makeup corporation and being offered no recompense for it. Their justification was that ‘it’s more of an opportunity for the people of your community’.”

Her post read, “This world makes you doubt yourself and choices, and if I took it off, the world would just find another thing to make me [feel] insecure about (sic).”

Who is Nemah Hasan?

  • Hasan is a Palestinian-Canadian singer-songwriter.
  • Hasan told Complex, the corporation allegedly refused to pay her and used her image anyway, in their campaigns. Even though Hasan had told them not to use her image, but they purportedly ignored her.
  • Hasan had launched a new fashion trend along with her friend, Maha Gondal. This new trend was about modest fashion. Nemah Hasan also wears the hijab along with her modest style.
  • Hasan shared how she met Gondal and said, “We immediately bonded over our love for fashion, art, and music.” While Gondal said, “We had been following each other on Instagram a few weeks prior.”
  • In her song, she has addressed the European Union’s top court ruling that companies may ban their Muslim employees from wearing a headscarf under certain conditions.