Know All About Newly Married Mariana Varela!

Who is Mariana Varela?
Mariana Varela was recently named Miss Grand Argentina 2020 by the Miss Grand Argentina organisation. At the coveted Miss Grand International 2020 stage, she will now represent her nation. Agustina Epelde, the 2019 Miss Grand Argentina, is succeeded by her.

Recently Varela announced her marriage to Fabiola Valentin, Miss Puerto Rico on social media. Varela and Valentin together revealed that they have gotten married after secretly dating for 2 years.

The two made friends and kept in touch after Miss Grand International (MGI) in 2020. They first met there.

On October 30, they announced their marriage on social media by posting a video collection of moments from their two-year romance. According to the caption, Varela and Valentin got married on October 28.

Knowing all about their growing phases makes viewers more interested in learning more about Varela and her adventure.

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Who is Mariana Varela?

Varela is a 24-year-old professional model and holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the National University of Avellaneda. In the past, she has competed in pageants and represented her nation at Miss Universe 2019.

Despite not receiving the top spot, she intends to use her experience to improve. She said that this time she is confident about taking home the trophy, saying, “I learned from every moment of joy, anguish, insecurity, exhilaration, etc.”

Varela is appreciative of the national organization for believing in her and providing her with this chance. A person who dares to dream, in her opinion, must also dare to bring that dream to life. “I never gave up because regardless of whatever crisis that we go through, it is vital to not lose focus on how much we are worth,” the diva who was accused of being incompetent to represent her country on the international stage stated.

She experienced gender abuse and is now an advocate for equality around the world. She also opposes all forms of gender violence.

She has been putting a lot of effort into spreading her message to a large audience, and with this platform, she will be one step closer to her goal.