Who Is Malavika Hedge? The CEO Of Cafe Coffee Day

Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka is Ms. Hedge’s father.

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Malavika Hedge is an entrepreneur from India. She was the wife of the late VG Siddhartha, who died by suicide on July 29, 2019. Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka is Hedge’s father.

Malavika Hegde was born in the city of Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka in the year 1969. She received her education at a school. She studied engineering at Bangalore University and graduated with a bachelor's degree. Hegde belongs to the Vokkaliga tribal community.

Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna, her father, is a well-known Indian politician who has held a number of important positions, including Minister of External Affairs and Karnataka Chief Minister. Prerna Krishna is her mother who is also a social activist. Her younger sister, Shambhavi Krishna, is a successful businesswoman.

Malavika Krishna Hedge married VG Siddhartha, the owner of the popular Cafe Coffee Day chain, in 1991. (CCD). They have two sons together, Eshaan and Amartya.

Her Husband’s Death

VG Siddhartha went missing on July 29, 2019. He and his driver were on their way to Sakleshpur from Bengaluru. In the middle of the journey, Siddhartha reportedly directed his driver to Chikmagalur. He told his driver to pull over near a bridge as they approached Chikmagalur. He got out of the car and told his driver to drive all the way to the end of the bridge and wait for him.

His driver waited at the bridge's end for an hour, and when he didn't return, he called him, but his phone was turned off. According to reports, the driver returned to the location where he had left him and looked for him. When he couldn't find him, he called Malavika's elder son and informed him of the situation, after which he rushed to the nearest police station and filed an FIR. On July 30, 2019, the police launched a search operation.


Police discovered a body that had similarities to Siddharth on July 31 2019. His family was summoned for the body's identification. Hegde was present for the verification as well. His body was transported to his office in Chikmagalur after the verification and paperwork were completed. Siddhartha's funeral was held at Siddhartha's father's coffee estate in Belur Taluk because that is where Siddhartha decided to become an entrepreneur.

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Who Is Malavika Hedge?

Since she married VG Siddhartha, Malavika Hedge had worked in the coffee industry. She was a non-executive board member on the Cafe Coffee Day board. When VG Siddhartha told her about his CCD plan, she reportedly laughed it off because Siddhartha wanted to charge 25 INR for a cup of coffee that was available locally for 5 INR. She was on board when Siddhartha changed his mind and decided to include internet surfing with his coffee, and the two began planning the first CCD together. When the first CCD outlet opened on Brigade Road in Bangalore in 1996, she was there with VG Siddhartha. 


Her Hobbies and Aim

  • She is a member of the CCD board, but because she is a non-executive board member, she reportedly does not receive a salary.
  • She owns 4% of the company's stock.
  • Malavika Hegde is a tree-planting enthusiast who enjoys spending time in nature. Over 3000 trees have been planted by her and her husband.
  • Even during the COVID-19 lockdown following Siddhartha's suicide, Malavika Hegde was reportedly able to reduce his debt. "Since the last 12 months my ultimate aim has been to uphold the proud legacy of Siddhartha," she said "He has entrusted me with the task of resolving every lender to the best of my ability, growing the business, and motivating and nurturing our employees."

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