Who Is Hitesha Chandranee? The Influencer Allegedly Attacked By A Zomato Delivery Man

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Who Is Hitesha Chandranee: A beauty influencer on Instagram named Hitesha Chandranee accused a Zomato delivery executive of physical assault on March 10.

Chandranee posted a long video on Instagram narrating the incident. She was seen crying while there was a deep gash of blood on her nose. The influencer tagged the Zomato food delivery app and said that her food delivery was late and when the delivery man eventually arrived, he was rude. She said that she refused to take the order as it was very late and the delivery man said, “Bloody I am your slave or what”. Hitesha said that felt threatened and did not fully open the door. She alleged that the delivery man made his way through the gap and punched her in the face.

Zomato showed complete support to her and assisted her in filing FIR against the delivery man. The police also filed a complaint. Although Hitesha’s story took another turn when the delivery and accused her back. He denied hitting Hitesha and alleged that it was Hitesha who hit him and the blood on her nose was caused by her own ring. Zomato recently said that they are going to give support to both the parties involved in the incident.

Who is Hitesha Chandranee?

Hitesha Chandranee is an influencer on Instagram who mostly makes content on beauty products and makeup. Chandranee’s LinkedIn profile also says that she works at Infosys. She has got a followership of about 56.8k on Instagram. She is a resident of Bengaluru.