Who Is Himanshi Parashar? Fans Link Actor To Karan Mehra After His Spat With Wife

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Who is Himanshi Parashar? The Punjabi television actor is in the spotlight after fans are linking her to co-star Karan Mehra after his domestic dispute with wife Nisha Rawal.

The married couple is currently in the midst of a public fallout after Rawal filed an assault complaint against Mehra on May 31, leading to his brief arrest. In statements to the media, both have levelled allegations against each other. Rawal, who appeared before the press with a bandaged head, said she faced “constant abuse over the years” and alleged Mehra of having an extramarital affair. All you need to know about the case.

As events unfold, fans sleuthing on social media suspect Parashar may be the woman Rawal is accusing Mehra of having a relationship with.

All You Need To Know About Who Is Himanshi Parashar

1. Parashar is an actor and model predominantly known for her work in the Punjabi television and music industry. She has made appearances in several Punjabi music videos, among which Dila Mereya and Possessive are the most popular.

2. She and Mehra currently star opposite each other on the ZEE Punjabi show Maawan Thandiyan Chaavan. They are a favourite among fans who enjoy their on-screen chemistry.

3. The two are friendly on social media and often share snaps with each other from set or their show. One Instagram reel Parashar shared of the duo from behind-the-scenes has particularly caught the eye of netizens alleging a romance between them.

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who is himanshi parashar

Source: Himanshi Parashar / Instagram

4. Following his arrest on May 31 and bail the next day, Mehra told the press he did not hit his wife and that she banged her own head against the wall. Rawal in response alleged abuse by Mehra and mentioned an extramarital affair. “I have evidence to authenticate my claim,” she said citing text messages she had previously confronted Mehra about.

5. Mehra denied her allegations and called her claims of an affair “baseless.” He said, “I haven’t cheated on her and I am not having an extramarital affair.” Rawal and Mehra have a son together.