Who Is Hemal Jhaveri? Journalist Recently Fired Over Controversial Tweet

Hemal Jhaveri
After her controversial tweet, Hemal Jhaveri who was working as the ‘race and inclusion’ editor of USA TODAY, was fired.

On the issue of the shooting at Boulder, Hemal Jhaveri had made a tweet that received a lot of criticism from Twitteratis. Following that she lost the job that she earned on her merit.

On Monday night, Hemal Jhaveri tweeted that mass shooters are most likely to be white men. This was regarding the shooting at Boulder. Tuesday morning, after the shooter was identified as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, Jhaveri deleted her tweet and also publicly apologised for over-generalising the situation.

But screenshots of tweets were flying through the internet. Further many high-profile Twitter accounts picked up the tweet as an example of anti-white bias and racism against whites.

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Here’s what we know of  Hemal Jhaveri :

  • Hemal Jhaveri is a graduate of James Madison University and has an MA in Cultural Studies from George Mason University.
  • She was the Executive Director of Digital Innovation at POLITICO.
  • Jhaveri started working as a social media editor. Later she was promoted to a writer then a columnist and then finally the editor.
  • Before her termination, she was working as the Sports Media Group’s Race and Inclusion editor.
  • She worked for USA TODAY in her subsection, For The Win.
  • Jhaveri had given eight years of dedicating nights and weekends to building traffic, breaking stories, and pushing for equitable coverage of marginalized communities.
  • She hates brunch says her Twitter account, which is private now.
  • Her favorite thing about hockey is the Gordie Howe hat trick.

Credits : Hemal Jhaveri Twitter