Meet Avantika Vandanapu, Actor To Feature In The Upcoming Movie Spin

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Avantika Vandanapu will soon be seen playing the role of Rhea in the upcoming Indian American film, Spin. Rhea is a teenager who rediscovers her love for music when she meets an aspiring DJ, Max.

She is seen creating beats by blending music from the Indian heritage and the world around her. All she searches for is some courage to follow her passion. Rhea’s family owns an Indian restaurant. They are a close knit unit of multigenerational individuals. The movie also casts Abhay Deol and Meera Syal in prominent roles.

Who is Avantika Vandanapu? 5 facts we know about the actor

  1. Avantika Vandanapu is an American actor, dancer, model and singer. She has appeared in several Indian movies and commercials. Vandanapu was the runner up of the 2014 dance reality show Dance India Dance Lil Masters.
  2. In 2015, she entered the Telugu Film Industry and signed two movies. Despite being selected for a role, she could not continue due to scheduling conflicts. Her official debut as a child actor was in Brahmotsavam. The actor then went on to appear in Chandra Shekar Yeleti’s film Manamantha.
  3. Vendanapu has also appeared in the American series Diary of a Future President and Mira, Royal Detective. The former is the story of a 12-year-old Cuban American girl, Elena who must make her way through the pressures of adolescence, both personal and social. The latter introduces us to Mira, an resourceful girl. The queen of a fictional kingdom Jalpur, India appoints her to the post of a detective to help royals and commoners alike.
  4. Before gaining popularity in Hollywood, she worked in the Indian film industry for three years. The actor has a keen interest for dance and is well versed in Ballet, contemporary and Indian classical dances (Kuchipudi and Kathak).
  5. She has a passion for story telling and expressive thinking. The actor-dancer aims at portraying and producing stories which highlight the marginalised communities. This will provide them with a platform in mainstream media.

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