Trolled For Looks, Entrepreneur Vineeta Singh Asks Why Rules Are Different Of Women?

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Entrepreneur Vineeta Singh, recently spoke out about the trolling she suffers as a woman in the public eye, and how she has finally managed to block out the negativity when she appeared on a podcast show with author Chetan Bhagat.

Vineeta Singh is the CEO and founder of well known Sugar Cosmetics company. A graduate of IIM Ahmedabad, she is a popular face among women entrepreneurs in India. Suffering online trolling and hate based on appearance, after she appeared as a judge on Shark Tank India, Singh talks about how she overcame the hateful comments and how different the rules are for women in the public eye, as opposed to men.

Vineeta Singh opened up about facing massive amounts of trolling for her appearance and how she managed to block out all the hatred. She also shed light on how being a woman in the public eye somehow leads to an open invitation to be judged and ridiculed and how she is often called a hypocrite for speaking openly about self-love and still being the founder of a makeup company.

Entrepreneur Vineeta Singh Trolled: On Blocking Out Negativity and More

Singh revealed that in this era of social media, she has taken to the approach of ‘post and run’, where she just posts on social media, but refrains from checking the comments, mostly filled with trolls and comments about her looks. “Unfortunately, this is a thing. Your appearance, as a woman, is given so much importance. Even on Instagram, I’ve achieved so much in life, but when I post something, 95% of the comments are about the way I look. It’s one of those things. It’s a by-product of being a girl. Now that I’m the CEO of a company, I feel that even now, people are only commenting things like, ‘You don’t look good enough, or ‘You started a makeup company because you look so bad’.” stated Vineeta.

She continued saying that, even in the current times, the rules are completely different for men and women. Women are more often than not judged and people somehow always find a way to bring them down. She also mentioned that she has struggled and faced hurdles to get to where she is today Whatever you do, people will find a way to bring you down. ” I’ve struggled, I’ve suffered, and irrespective of what industry it is, it’s something that is well-deserved. But now also, the way you look is very important, especially for a woman. Men can get away with thoda sa (very little). It was fine for Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs to wear the same T-shirt… It was cool, actually. But in India, people give too much importance to this.”