The Murder Of Gabby Petito: All You Need To Know About The Documentary

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YouTuber Gabby Petito’s disappearance and followed by death made news worldwide. As the events unfolded during the case’s investigation, the conversations of social media reflected them. As per reports, the case will not be narrated by a documentary titled The Murder Of Gabby Petito: Truth, Lies and Social Media on Peacock streaming site.

As per reports, the documentary has been produced by ITN Productions. Peacock in its statement said that the documentary ” sheds new light on the tragic story, the unanswered questions and the shocking conclusion.”

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Gabby Petitio Documentary: Release Date And Case

The documentary will be released on Peacock on December 17. The social media personality had gone missing earlier this year after she went on a road trip with her boyfriend Brian Launderie. The trip started in July and by late August, Petito was reported missing. It came to notice when her boyfriend returned home in Florida in Petito’s van and refused to talk about her.

Her mortal remains were found in September in Wyoming. The post mortem report said that she died on manual strangulation. The police being suspicious of her boyfriend were planning to ask him questions but he fled his home before Petito’s remains were found by the police. Launderie’s mortal remains were later discovered in October. As per the autopsy report, he died on self inflicted gunshot.

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What To Expect From Gabby Petito Documentary:

As most documentary on crime cases go, this one has also promised to reveal some important information about the case. As per the statement of Peacock, the documentary will examine Petito’s life through her lens and explore the world of social media which was at the centre of the case.

“The film gives a fresh take on the case that captivated millions with insight and reflections from her parents along the way. The film also includes interviews with the journalists that covered the story from the very beginning as well as social media users who crowdsourced their time and uncovered new information and clues to help law enforcement,” the official synopsis reads. Petito’s parents are also featured in the documentary. By their interviews, the documentary reportedly explores Petito’s childhood memories including “details that we never knew before.”