Swara Bhasker To Star As Cop In Upcoming Film Mimamsa

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Mimamsa film: Swara Bhasker will soon be seen in a murder mystery film called Mimamsa. She will be playing the role of a police officer in the film.

Bhasker would be seen as a police officer for the second time on the screen. Previously, she was seen on the Eros Now web series Flesh which received rave reviews.

Alongside Bhasker, Bijendra Kala will also be seen in the film. the major shooting was carried in Bhopal. Bhasker who plays the role of the investigating officer of the murder mystery said that the experience of shooting for the movie was one of its kind. Bhasker also added that it kept her invested throughout the shoot and she is sure that the viewers will be too be invested when they get to watch it.

Bhasker also said that this is going to be her first film after lockdown. “That makes the movie extremely special to me, and it helped me have a sense of gratitude for the work I do,” said Swara Bhasker about the film. Bhasker added that she considers the film to be layered, mysterious and thought-provoking.

The film is directed by Gagan Puri. It is produced by Moffy Production and co-produced by K.P. production. The film has been shot and is in the post-production phase. It will be released soon.

The director of the film, Gagan Puri, said that he and his team tried to keep a sense of mystery about the movie. He further added that the talents like Swara Bhasker and Bijendra Kala on board added to the buzz.

Swara Bhasker was recently in news for her tweets about the viral video of a Muslim man. In the viral video, the man had claimed that he was assaulted and his beard was forcefully cut. He also said that he was made to chant ” Jai Shree Ram”.

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