The Real Reasons That Make Sunny Leone a Sexy Woman

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The world knows Sunny Leone. The adult film actor, who’s real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra, has spoken up in defence of women many times, and rallied to protect their individual work ethic and choices. Leone’s journey hasn’t been easy. What most forget is her hard work and what she was up against when she consciously chose a career in adult films. From dealing with family pressure, discomfort of relatives, to being questioned for her choices – Leone has seen it all.

In her interview with SheThePeople, Leone talks about being someone who is independent, financially stables and takes her own decisions. come across as a woman who doesn’t fear putting across her opinion or views out there. And we should be taking notes from her now. Read on to know why.


Calling this action inevitable, what Sunny focuses is on moving to the solution. Much like feminism, the way to deal body-shaming is to take measures to stop it at home. She urges us to make “children aware of the harms. We make people aware, and talk to our children about how you don’t make fun of people,” the actor said in an interview with SheThePeople.

Parenting 101

The actor lost her parents at a young age. She wants to make her children financially secure so they don’t have to make choices out of compulson. To keep her children protected from such misfortune, she takes her of herself and her family. The cycle continuing with the next generation is not what she believes should happen. “It’s my job to cut that off,” says Sunny Leone. In addition, she says it is important to “make it a point to stay healthy not just for her but also for her children.”

Taking on trolls

Block. One word. A solution right there. Sunny says that the trolls are here to stay and we have to deal with them. While blocking is her strategy, she adds, “it’s your choice to read them, block them or don’t.”

Her definition of Feminism

Feminism for Sunny is to be able to do things her own way. She believes in undertaking anything that’s “correct” and morally right for her. The actor credits her upbringing in a “non-gender bias home” for such beliefs. Also, she asserts that women gain confidence when she comes from a home wherein people are treated equally.

The Unstoppable Host

However, one thing the Splitsvilla host, the show she has been hosting since the 8th season, has proved is that she is unstoppable. She has taken up ventures proving her craft as an actor in various films. Sunny also took the charge to tell her own story and helmed her biopic titled Karenjit Kaur- The untold story of Sunny Leone.