Smriti Irani’s Monday Motivation Is Her Chef Daughter, Here’s What She Wrote

Smriti Irani Daughter Smriti Irani's PF Certificate
Smriti Irani Daughter: Union Minister Smriti Irani posted a heartfelt note for her daughter and said that she is her Monday motivation.

In the lengthy post, Irani wrote about her daughter’s achievements through the years and ended on an inspiring note. The Minister wrote, “She is a second Dan black belt in karate with her own tally of national and international medals and a Limca book of record holder to boot. Pestered about how she should be blessed to live in the reflected glory of her mother .. she smiled and carried on with what she considered her own course. When she picked the culinary arts as a career there was a murmur and she was told academics pe dhyan do .. khana toh waise bhi pakana hi hai usme kahan career banega , academically bright na ho toh Chef bano ”

She added that her daughter went on to score 91 per cent in her Class 12 board exams and proved that becoming a chef was not an option but a choice for her. She added that Zoe is her Monday motivation and added, “When the noise threatens to overwhelm you .. carry on.. when people doubt your choices .. carry on, when people try to cast a shadow on a bright sunny day when you hope to live your dreams .. carry on. For the toughest thing to do when all comes undone is to .. carry on.”

The Member of Parliament of Amethi district often shares posts about her daughters. Earlier she had shared how her daughter was bullied by her peers and called them out on the social media platform. She had written, “I deleted my daughter’s selfie yesterday coz an idiot bully in her class, A Jha, mocks her for her looks and tells his pals in class to humiliate her for how she looks in her mother’s insta post.

She said that she obliged because she could not stand her daughter’s tears.  “My daughter is an accomplished sports person, record holder in Limca Books, 2 Nd Dan black belt in Karate, at the World Championships has been awarded bronze medal twice; is a loving daughter and yes damn beautiful. Bully her all you want, she will fight back. She is Zoish Irani and I’m proud to be her Mom.”

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