Don’t Carry On Silently: Shweta Tiwari Opens Up On Walking Out Of Abusive Marriages

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Shweta Tiwari speaks on domestic abuse: Actor Shweta Tiwari talked about dealing with abusive marriages and why it is important for women to take a stand. In the video, Tiwari also asks her daughter Palak Tiwari to speak up against any form of violence. Tiwari is a mother to two children, and was previously married to Raja Choudhary and later Abhinav Kohli. She walked out of both marriages citing domestic abuse.

“I know a lot of women around me are victims of domestic violence, who are quiet against it because they are scared that if they break their silence, what will happen to their kids?” the actor asks in her video. She goes on to say, “your kids are learning from you every day. If you stay quiet, they will learn to remain silent. They will end up going through domestic violence. If you take a step, your kids will learn the difference between right and wrong, and grow stronger in life.”

Shweta Tiwari had posted the video on Instagram on the eve of International Women’s Day. “On this Women’s Day, I wish you all the strength, courage and integrity for you to fight your life’s battles. I hope my experiences and right actions become a guidepost as you navigate through life’s obstacles,” she captioned the post.

She also urged women to not stay silent if they are facing domestic abuse, in her post’s caption. “To all the women out there: Don’t carry on silently when you are undergoing domestic abuse. Speak up, at least for your daughter’s sake, so that she doesn’t learn to remain silent when, God forbid, her life’s ship hits the rocks.”

Image Credit: Shweta Tiwari/ Instagram