When Is Shooting Stars Episode 3 Releasing?

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What is worst than sitting at the edge of the first season while waiting for the second to release? It is waiting for the next episode. Crafted smartly most Korean drama follows the television pattern of releasing episodes online. Same with Shooting Stars. The show is a television series originally but can also be watched on the online streaming platform.

The South Korean drama stars Lee Sung-Kyung and Kim Young-Dae as the lead actors. It revolves around the love story between the top celebrities, which is Gong Tae-Sung and the PR team leader of a management agency, Oh Han-Byul. K-drama does not have a dearth of these stories which involve the romantic relationship between a popular celebrity and a commoner, but this one is interesting in terms none of the characters is treated as lesser than one and both the leads are equally strong and important.

The story revolves around celebrities, someone whom we keep on a pedestal level and think their personal lives to be as extraordinary as imagined. But the show is more about people who represent the celebrities, the ones who maintain the celebrity’s image but often have to do the clean up after them.

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The two leads work together under Starforce Entertainment–one is an actor under the label and the other one is in the managing team, and despite Oh Han Byul’s commendable crisis response-ability, Gong Tae Sung eventually tests her limit. The K-drama also features  Yoon Jong Hoon, Kim Yoon Hye, Lee Jung Shin, and Park So Jin, amongst others.

The show has a total of 16 episodes and each of them is an hour long. They are aired on Friday and Saturday, which makes two episodes of the show are released per week. It is being aired on tvN but can be watched online on Viu, which is Hong-Kong based video streaming platform. However, each of these episodes is uploaded with a lag of eight hours after an episode is aired.

Shooting Stars Episode 3 Release Date

The show was released on April 22, 2022, and the third episode is going to release on April 29, 2022.