Here Are Some Of The Recent Shark Tank 2 Controversies

Shark Tank 2 Controversies
People are currently glued to their screens watching new ideas and businesses as season two episodes of Sony TV have started airing. There has been a lot of online conversation about Shark Tank season two.

Shark Tank India Season 2 is already proving to be popular with the audience. The show, which debuted on January 2, features business executives from all walks of life pitching their brands to six influential investors known as “Sharks.” We have six sharks, Amit Jain, Peyush Bansal, Vineeta Singh, Anupam Mittal and Aman Gupta. Amit Jain took over for Ashneer Grover in Season 2. The host of Shark Tank season 2 is the comedian Rahul Dua.

As the second season of Shark Tank premieres, more and more business owners are tuning in in the hopes that the well-known business programme will support their initiatives. However, the second season is courting a number of controversies as it attempts to match the popularity of the first season.

Here are some of the recent Shark Tank 2 controversies:

Namita Thapar claimed ‘educated house help’ shared hateful post

Namita Thapar, a judge on Shark Tank India and the executive director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, shared a tweet in which she accused her “educated house help” of stealing her phone and posting a derogatory message about her online.
“This is what hate does to this world, makes people toxic. An educated house help who was removed stole my phone & put a hateful post on me on social media. Price of being a public figure ! Apologies !” On Saturday, she tweeted.
To give some context, her official social media account recently shared a hateful Instagram story. With a picture of Thapar wearing a blue kurta, the post read, “This is Namita’s son. I just want the world to know that the person you see on TV is not what you think she is. Unfollow her as soon as possible. Will explain why in due course of time.” Meanwhile, her Instagram bio was changed to, “Sh**ty mother, Sh**tier wife.”

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Viral LinkedIn post on sharks’ companies facing losses

Ankit Uttam detailed why Shark Tank India “never worked for him” in a lengthy post on LinkedIn last week. The author and marketer contrasted Shark Tank India with the American version and revealed how the judges’ companies are actually losing money. He continued by saying that the sharks lack the credibility to offer business advice to the contestants who appear on the show.

Shark Tank India 2

Image Credit: Business Today

Pitcher alleges receiving hate comments online

The founders of a hair dye company were featured on a Shark Tank India episode, which caught the attention of viewers for a variety of reasons. The pitch revealed the “sharks'” competitive and business-minded sides. Anupam Mittal and Peyush Bansal were enraged by the deal, even though Vineeta Singh and Aman Gupta were successful in getting it. The brand’s CEO, Yushika Jolly, revealed on LinkedIn the abuse she had been receiving after the episode that aired. She explained that while her husband has been praised “for his excellent negotiating skills,” she has been called rude, manipulative, and greedy, among other things.

Namita Thapar Walks Out Of The Set

Due to her ugly conflicts with Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar of Shark Tank India 2 has been continuously in the news. In the trailer, Mittal was seen being criticised by Thapar for telling him publicly to control his ego on national television. On live television, a vicious fight between the sharks broke out, and Namita Thapar left the show after yelling at Anupam Mittal. It all began with a pitch for the Netroots brand of furniture for the home.

First episode itself saw the sharks fighting

The sharks were engaged in a colourful business conflict in the first episode itself. Yeshoda and Rhea Karuturi, two Bangalore-based sisters who founded the company Hoovu Fresh, pitched the first pitch of the season. Hoovu Fresh sells domestic Indian flowers specifically for use in poojas.
In light of the generational shift, Singh informs the pitcher that a growing market is not their company’s biggest challenge. “There will undoubtedly be a general decline,” she said. “Why?” ponders Aman Gupta. He says,” Pooja is done by all. I do as well.” Vineeta Singh says, “performing puja involves numerous steps. like buying flowers at the market and then offering them in prayer. Do you go out and buy flowers for the pooja?” He says, “Yes,” and  Singh awkwardly says “ok.” He silently reacts, “Kya baat kar rahi hai.”

The show is available on Sony Liv and airs on Sony Entertainment Television channel from Monday to Friday at 10 pm.