Shah Rukh Khan Offers Dua At Lata Mangeshkar's Funeral: 10 Things To Know

The act of offering a dua by Shah Rukh Khan, at Lata Mangeshkar's funeral, was misinterpreted by a right-wing leader.

Srishti Lakhotia
Feb 07, 2022 05:27 IST
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On February 6, the entire nation was mourning the loss of its nightingale. Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar passed away yesterday at the age of 92. The last rites of the singer took place at Shivaji Park, Mumbai. Artists, singers and known faces of both worlds-entertainment and politics had gathered to pay their last repects to the Bharat Ratna awardee. However, it also led to an unforeseen controversy that left many feeling bitter about the state of agenda-driven politics in the country.

Mangeshkar was admitted to a hospital last month after having tested positive for coronavirus. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). However, her health continued to deteriorate and she passed away on Sunday. Lata Mangeshkar's mortal remains were first taken to her residence around 12:30 PM and then her last rites were conducted with full state honours.

The doctor treating her at the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai, Dr Pratit Samdani, had been the one to break the news of her passing earlier in the morning. He said in his statement, "It is with profound grief that we announce the sad demise of #LataMangeskar at 8:12 AM. She died because of multi-organ failure after more than 28 days of hospitalisation post #COVID19."


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Post the announcement of her demise, social media was filled with posts of remembering Mangeshkar through her old and new songs. Netizens were mourning the death of a singer whose songs have kept us company through thicks and thins.


Along with common people were celebrities from the industry who posted online prayers and expressed their sadness through sharing her songs and her pictures. Dignitaries like the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, amongst others, visited to pay his last respects to the singer and met her family members. Celebrities like Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Sachin Tendulkar, Javed Akhtar, Shah Rukh Khan too were present. As people prayed and garnered her with flowers, one celebrity's prayer to her stood out and ended up raking controversy. At the funeral, Shah Rukh Khan had raised his hands in dua and blew air on Mangeshkar's remains for protection, as part of Muslim customs. However, his gesture was misinterpreted by a political leader.

Ten Things To Know About Shah Rukh Khan Dua Controversy At Lata Mangeshkar's Funeral:

- Since the arrest of his son, Aryan Khan, in an alleged drug controversy,  superstar Shah Rukh Khan had kept away from media attention until yesterday.


- He was one of the many celebrities who paid their last respect to the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, as the country mourned her death.

- Khan and his manager Pooja Dadlani paid their final respects to Mangeshkar at her funeral.

- Khan showered Mangeshkar's mortal remains with flowers.


- Not only that, he raised his hands to offer dua or prayers for the late singer dua and touched her feet.

- The video of the actor laying a floral wreath at her feet and then saying a prayer with his hands raised, made fans on the Internet emotional.

- However, soon few netizens started posting videos of Khan and alleged that he spitted at the late singer's mortal remains.


-Sharing a picture of Khan praying for Mangeshkar, BJP leader Arun Yadav had tweeted, "Is he spitting on her?"

- Yadav was criticised by many for targeting Khan that for simply offering prayers and trying insert a political agenda at the funeral of a national figure. "There are two kinds of India. Arun Yadav kind of India and the rest of us," wrote one user.

- Shah Rukh Khan has not commented yet on the entire controversy.

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