Malayalam Actors Saniya Iyappan, Grace Anthony Allege Sexual Harassment

Saniya Iyappan Allege Sexual Harassment
Malayalam actors Saniya Iyappan and Grace Anthony alleged that they faced sexual harassment during a promotional event in the Milite mall in Kozhikode, Kerala.

Actor Saniya Iyappan took to social media and spoke about how she and her co-star Grace Anthony faced sexual harassment while promoting their upcoming comedy film Saturday Night. Iyappan and Anthony are the two leads in the film.

Actor Saniya Iyappan Allege Sexual Harassment

Iyappan wrote, “The event at the mall was extremely packed with people and the security was struggling to handle and maintain the crowd.”

While the actors were leaving the venue, the crowd became unruly. As they were being escorted through the crowd, the actors were molested by unknown people. Around 200-300 people were attempting to move toward the actors.

Iyappan alleged that while her co-star was leaving, a man misbehaved with her and she did not get a chance to see or react due to the crowd. Then, Iyappan “encountered a similar act of misogyny” and reacted to the incident in shock.

Iyappan referenced a video that has gone viral on social media, in which she can be seen hitting a man who allegedly touched her inappropriately.

She added, “I wish no one has to face this kind of unwanted trauma in their life, for violence against women there will be consequences and actions against these misogynistic individuals.”

Iyappan also shared the note her co-star Anthony had written in Malayalam in her post. Anthony alleged that she underwent a similar experience during the promotional event. She claimed, “Tonight while returning after a programme, a person from the crowd grabbed me. It disgusts me to say where!”

Anthony added that while Iyappan reacted when she faced sexual harassment, she was unable to as she was “numb for a moment”. She said, “In that shock, I ask, is your sickness over?”

The police said an investigation has been launched and that efforts are being to identify and trace the culprits. The CCTV footage was not clear.

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