“You Make The Deal With The Devil”: Priyanka Chopra On Social Media Criticism

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Priyanka Chopra social media: In her newly launched autobiography, Priyanka Chopra wrote about how she handles the criticism on social media.

Priyanka Chopra’s highly-awaited memoir Unfinished has finally released today. The actor, producer, businesswoman and now an author talked about her ‘slew of emotions’ as the book is out now. 

As her autobiography brings out the ‘in-between interviews, the things she never spoke about’, we also get to know about how she handles the criticism on social media every now and then.

She said that she learned to deal with it within a year into her career. The actor made peace long back with the fact that she would have to face ‘brickbats and bouquets’ owing to her being a public person for most of her life now. Hence, it doesn’t affect her much unless it affects her family or work.

During an interview for the memoir Unfinished, Chopra talked about how the international star holds herself up amidst social-media criticism: “You make that deal with the devil, the fact that I’m going to do this job, and I’m for consumption, news about me is for consumption — I made peace with that 20 years ago. So it doesn’t bother me unless it affects my work or my family. But my job is tangible. I go to a set, I create a movie, a TV show. This is what my work is.” 

Furthermore, she also talked about her changing relationship with social media and how she is careful about it.

“The freedom and beauty of social media is to create a medium for conversations. I have a tremendous amount of love and support on my social media from people who are interested or curious. At the same time, my relationship with social media changed after large, obscure “scandals” or chatter online that were baffling to me. I’m not as free, open, or vulnerable as I used to be. I monitor my relationship with the internet. I consume it for the positives,” the actor further said.

Virtual Book Launch

In a video of her book launch, where she also read out the preface of her book, Priyanka stated, “There have been so many of you who have supported me through my entire career and there have been those who have not. But this is not for you. This is for just people who are curious about me. I am hoping with this book you get to know me a little bit as a person, a little bit more than the headlines you read about me.”