Pakistani Woman Delivery Agent Goes Viral, Dreams Of Owning A Fashion Brand

A fast-food joint delivery agent, Meerab, based in Lahore Pakistan has become internet famous after her story was shared on the internet by a customer, Fizza Ijaz. Meerab is currently pursuing a degree in Fashion design and dreams to launch her own brand someday.

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Pakistani Woman Delivery Agent
Pakistani woman delivery agent gains internet spotlight, following her interaction with a customer Fizza Ijaz, who posted her story on LinkedIn. Meerab, who is currently pursuing a degree in Fashion Design, has big dreams of making a name for herself in the Fashion industry.

Meerab, is now being called a youth icon by netizens, impressed by her determination and courage to dream big. Meerab hails from Youhanabad, Lahore. She plans on working as a delivery agent for a fast food joint, to be able to make enough money to pay her university fees. Women are rarely employed as delivery agents because of the common misconceptions that women will not be able to drive well or handle jobs that require traveling, etc. However, Meerab's story serves as an inspiration to women who aim to be independent and make a place for themselves in male-dominated fields.

Meerab- Pakistani Female Delivery Agent Gains Internet Spotlight

Meerab's story surfaced on the internet after it was shared on social media by a user named Mary James Gills. Originally posted by a user named Fizza Ijaz in a post that read- "Today, I ordered KFC in Lahore and received a call from a female saying ‘hello, I am your rider speaking’. I got so excited that I stood outside the gate to receive her and we spoke for a good 10 minutes about many things, including her pursuits, passion, and bike riding skills."

She added- "Meet Meerab from Youhanabad, Lahore. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Fashion Designing and does her night duty as a KFC rider to cover her fees. She intends to remain a rider for another 3 years until she graduates post which she plans to launch her own fashion brand! More power to her! May we see more Pakistani girls riding off to adventures in their heart’s desire!"

Meerab works unconventional jobs to be able to support herself. She dreams of being an entrepreneur by launching her own fashion brand. Her grit and determination to achieve her dreams have served as an inspiration to netizens. The post has garnered over 50,000 likes and 1,500 comments. Netizens are praising Meerab with comments "Meerab I respect your courage, you took life this way just to help yourself and others around you. I celebrate your boldness because you contribute positivity to society,"

Meerab truly sets an example of how girls can support themselves and are brave enough to dream big and achieve their dreams through hard work.


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