Pakistani Model’s Controversial Kartarpur Gurudwara Photoshoot: 10 Things To Know

Kartarpur Gurudwara photoshoot, pakistani model kartarpur sahib
The controversial Kartarpur Gurudwara photoshoot by a Pakistani model has led to massive outrage in the country and India as well. Sikhs residing across the borders have raised objections to the photographs that were shared by the model in question and a Pakistani clothing brand.

Following the outrage, the model named Sauleha has issued an apology on social media, promising to be more care full in the future. The pictures had drawn flak from the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee and National Spokesman for Shiromani Akali Dal, Manjinder Singh Sirsa. “Such behaviour & act at pious place of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji is totally unacceptable! Can she dare to do the same at her religious place in Pakistan?” he questioned in his tweet, further asking the government of Pakistan to take immediate action against the use of Kartarpur gurdwara as a “picnic spot” by Pakistani people.

Here are ten things to know about the Kartarpur Gurudwara photoshoot controversy:

1. On November 29, Pakistan’s online clothing brand Mannat had published images of a photoshoot from the Kartarpur gurdwara on its Instagram page.

2. In the photographs, Sauleha could be seen posing bareheaded in the gurdwara premises.

3. Covering ones head while visiting a gurdwara is mandatory as it is a sign of acceptance of a power higher than oneself and seen as a mark of showing respect.

4. Thus the model’s act of walking bareheaded into a gurdwara premise is being seen as disrespectful.

5. The model is also seen posing with her back towards the Kartarpur gurdwara, which has further enraged the Sikh community.

6. While news reports claim that the clothing brand had organised the photoshoot, Mannat has denied these allegations, saying that the pictures had been provided to them by Sauleha.

7. Sauleha wrote in her Instagram apology, “Recently I posted a picture on instagram that was not even a part of a shoot or anything. I just went to kartarpur to learn about the history and know about the sikh community.” She also added that the shoot wasn’t done to hurt anyone sentiments.

8. Apologising to the entire Sikh community, Sauleha wrote in her post that she respected the Sikh culture “very much”.

9. The Punjab Police department of Pakistan tweeted that they are investigating all aspects related to this incident and strict legal action will be taken against those responsible. “Management of concerned brand & model are being investigated,” the tweet said.

10. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has not commented on the issue as of yet.

Image Credit: Ravinder Singh Robin/Twitter

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