Looking Back At Nikki Tamboli's Journey At Bigg Boss 14 House

Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss 14: From being the first 'confirmed' contestant in the house to being the first 'finalist' she nailed it. A rewind on her journey before the finale.

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Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss 14: From being the first 'confirmed' contestant in the Bigg Boss 14 house to being the first 'finalist' for Bigg Boss 14 top 5 finalists, Nikki Tamboli nailed it and created a well-crafted trajectory for herself. At age 24, she was the youngest contestant in the BB14 house.


Recently, in a day-old episode when Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa came into the BB14 house they made a lot of fun of Nikki's chance of getting into the finale. She entered into the finale after other Bigg Boss 14 finalist Rubina Dilaik gave her the ticket to the finale after winning a task. Rubina couldn't use it for herself as she was nominated till the end of the season as a punishment for throwing water on Rakhi Sawant.

So, while Nikki Tamboli has cleverly played a brilliant game to reach the point of the finale, let's have a look back at Nikki Tamboli's amazing journey in the house:

Nikki Tamboli's Morning Dance

If you are an ardent Bigg Boss 14 follower, you know who gets up first with the morning music in the house. Nikki Tamboli is the one who throws up her quilts aside and dances in her signature style. She dances carefree and with all her strength.

Many would remember Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu's Navratri special dance, where she grooved on the music beats against Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla and even won the face-off.

Moreover, you must have seen Rubina Dilaik's better half i.e. Abhinav Shukla imitating Nikki's dance style. Nikki's voice and dance have always been a point for the housemates as well as guests to tease her on a lighter note.


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"Mai Esi Hi Hoon:" Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss 14, All Spunk

Ask Nikki why she is so rude and ill-behaved with the housemates who are much older than her taking into the fact she is the youngest in the house, her answer which she always gives is Mei Esi Hi Hoon. She has often been reprimanded by show host Bollywood actor Salman Khan for misbehaving with the housemates.

On one of the Weekend Ka Vaar, Nikki Tamboli cried as she was rebutted by Khan for her behaviour making her understand that she will face difficulties outside the house if she doesn't bring about a change in her overall demeanor. Even during the press conference, her answer to every question was Mei Esi Hi Hoon. 

Overall, she stuck to what she said. She accepts the way she is she is! Though she has been referred to as double dholki and pendulum in the house. In Friday's episode, she was also given a pendulum award for her chuglikhor attitude.

Nikki-Rubina Relationship


After Nikki was eliminated from the house during the fake finale, she re-entered the peripheries of the game with challenger Rakhi Sawant. Before her elimination, she had a rough patch with Rubina and Abhinav. But after her return, Nikki developed a strong bond with Rubina Dilaik which wasn't digestible neither for the other housemates nor for the BB followers outside.

Even during the press conference inside the house, a question regarding the same was flung at Nikki as to whether she is using Rubina for her game or not. Her relationship with Rubina is such that she calls her sister and sees Rubina as a motherly figure.

Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss 14: All about friendships and romance

Nikki-Jaan Duo

During the initial stages of the game, Nikki regarded Nishant Singh Malkani, Jaan Kumar Sanu, and Rahul Krishna Vaidya as her accomplice. Out of them all, Jaan was seen as Nikki's closest. Jaan was teased for being a puppet in the hands of Nikki Tamboli perhaps which wasn't the case.

Such was Jaan-Nikki's duo articulation that he came as Nikki's support during the second last week in the Bigg Boss 14 house where housemates' closed ones came to support them to navigate forward in the game.

There is a lot to reminisce about Nikki's journey. She has displayed an excellent sportsman spirit during her stint at the house. Whether it was the 'Mere Angne Me' task, or the initial tough tasks, or the 'Boat task' where she brilliantly fought with Abhinav Shukla for the seat to the fake finale and won many hearts, Nikki's journey in the house has been a self-created one and well-fought off.

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