Mysuru City Corporation Chief Shilpa Nag Quits IAS: What You Should Know

Shilpa Nag, Who is Shilpa Nag
Mysuru City Corporation Commissioner Shilpa Nag called an emergency meeting on Thursday, June 4 to announce her resignation. In the meeting, Nag accused Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri of harassment and highhandedness, however, Sindhuri denied all the charges.

Nag alleged that Sindhuri has waged a war against the City Corporation, hurting her and her subordinates as they were doing a good job of containing the COVID-19 situation. In the Mysuru City Corporation, only two wards were in the Red Zone (for COVID-19), however, the DC (Sindhuri) reportedly gave a report stating that all the wards were red, which sent a wrong signal against the Corporation, its officials, the Commissioner and the elected representatives, thus hurting their morale.

Nag refuted the charges that the City Corporation had created COVID Care Centres with 1,500 beds without the approval of the district administration. She further said that the district administration did not even give tablets to COVID Mitras and alleged that Sindhuri tried to take credit for COVID Mitra during the interaction with the Prime Minister, without knowing anything about it.

Nag further called Sindhuri an arrogant Deputy Commissioner and said that she has worked with many officers but not in such a suffocating atmosphere. “I have always respected her, but I wish no other officer gets to deal with get such an arrogant Deputy Commissioner,” she said.

Shilpa Nag also alleged that the DC had told the corporate entities to not extend the CR funding to the city corporation but to give it to the district administration instead. She also alleged that the DC personally targeted her and the other corporation officials due to her egoist attitude and hunger for publicity.

“I have not spoken to my son for a week. My peace has been disturbed. I am not going out helpless, but I am moving out with great pain. I am firm on my resignation,” she further added.