Take A Look Back Of 12 Best Movies Of 2022! Here Only

We are here to provide you a list of all the months in 2022 that were ruled by the heart of Audience .| Movies To Watch On Hotstar Read Here

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Movies To Watch On Hotstar
As 2022 is about to end, enjoy the holidays with family and what better to bond with your family members than with some drama and laughs? Here is a a recap of few movies released this year.

The top movies of this month can be watched by clicking on Disney+Hotstar. We are here to provide you with a list of all the months in 2022 that were ruled by the heart of the audience. Why not enjoy the year's end to the fullest by watching these listings with your loved ones while snuggled up under a blanket with a cup of coffee?

Movies To Watch On Hotstar


It's an English film that came out in January 2022. In the movie, the immortal aliens known as the Eternals come out of hiding after a long period of time to defend Earth from their prehistoric cousins, the Deviants. Because of its mystery, audiences adore seeing it.

A Thursday

A nursery school teacher named Naina holds 16 children captive on a fateful Thursday in the city of Mumbai and issues a list of unbelievable demands. The story's main idea was published in February. It was one of the hit movies of 2022.



83 trailer release, 83 trailer review, Film 83 Trailer Released Ranveer Singh in 83 trailer

When Kapil Dev leads the Indian national cricket team at the 1983 Cricket World Cup, he has the chance to establish his nation's fame on a global scale. It is one of the cricket movies that captured everyone's attention. Movie released in march.

Better Nate Than Ever

Nate Foster, a thirteen-year-old, dreams of appearing on Broadway. He had trouble, though, even getting parts in his high school play. Nate and his friends resolve to make Nate a celebrity after Nate's parents depart for the weekend. People enjoyed seeing it.

12th Man


The lives of 12 buddies who are at a bachelor party are in danger after a weird phone call and a fatal accident, and a drunken police officer is pressed into service to solve the case. The mystery theme of the film made it popular.


A single mother goes to tremendous efforts to protect her son by securing an oxygen cylinder while among the bus passengers who are buried in a landslide and fighting for survival. It was a Tamil film that became very well-known.

Good Luck Jerry

The film does have all the hallmarks of a Hindi film and, at the most unexpected moments, becomes too sentimental. The account of a young girl who unwittingly enters the renowned world of cocaine trafficking. However, it frequently treats its subject matter carelessly and is a fun, enjoyable trip.



In the novel Cadaver, a police surgeon is tasked with solving a string of enigmatic murders, and all the evidence points to a life-sentenced prisoner who hasn't left his cell in years. The main unresolved plot point is the reason for his detention. The movie is all about in Tamil Language.

Babli Bouncer

Female Characters Unusual Profession

It tells the tale of Babli, a young woman from a village famous for producing bouncers for Delhi nightclubs. After having her heart broken, it shows how she grows to become a strong, independent woman. It is challenging to claim that "Babli Bouncer" introduces anything novel. An inspirational Movie to watch.


In the movie, a woman discovers that the rental home she had unintentionally double-booked with a man while being unaware of a sinister secret within the residence. An interesting film to watch.


When a young guy on the verge of falling in love learns he has the ability to manipulate fire and a link to a hidden society of guardians, his world is thrown upside down. Animations and visual effects abound in the film, winning over the audience.

Govinda Naam Mera

Govinda Naam Mera Review

In this dosage of turmoil, uncertainty, and comedy, the endearing Govinda Waghmare splits his attention and love between his wife Mrs Waghmare and his girlfriend. A delightful movie that was released a few days ">prior.

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