Masaba Gupta's House of Masaba Turns 12 Today! Here Are 5 Of Her Entrepreneur's Mantras

Here's a look at 5 quotes on entrepreneurship by Masaba Gupta as her brand House of Masaba turns 12.

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Masaba Gupta on entrepreneurship: Fashion designer and entrepreneur Masaba Gupta's clothing brand 'House of Masaba' completes 12 years today.

Taking to Instagram Gupta wrote, "My label @houseofmasaba turns 12 day. 12 years of smiles, joy, fear, failure, success, wanting to quit and & wanting to never give up. All in the same breath."  She is one of the most influential Indian fashion icons. Her journey as an entrepreneur began when she was only 19. Here's looking at some of her mantras that helped her reach where she is today.

Masaba Gupta on entrepreneurship

1. Masaba Gupta enjoyed creating the art more than studying

I didn't want to understand the syllabus or do all the technical bit. I just wanted to get down to making clothes. I think it was in the college graduation show that I realized I enjoy this and want to do a business out of it.

2. The brand is revolutionary

We haven't stopped trying to reinvent at any given point in time. I find the brand revolutionary in that sense because I don't think I've ever said that I have had enough. We are always trying to do something new, and we are always trying to represent ourselves differently, which is very important to me.


3. The brand's omnichannel approach

It is very important to consider omnichannel presence without burning money the way we have in the past. I'm not thinking of a clear half and half divide, but maybe 60-70% of business would move online, and the rest would be offline.

4. Importance of discipline in work

Be disciplined about what you do and how you do it. I don’t think I’m half as talented as many of my contemporaries out there, but I make up for what I lack in talent, with hard work. Your discipline and your hard work is your ammunition, use it well.

5. Capitalising on the evolving nature of Hyderabad

Five years ago when I first came to Hyderabad, I saw that women weren’t even buying sleeveless kurtas. But now, youngsters are very well travelled, and with a huge online presence, they want to dress differently. They want it to be out of the box and they want to make a statement!

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