Manju Warrier Stars In Short Film On Domestic Abuse: All You Need To Know

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Manju Warrier domestic abuse short film: Amidst a rise in appalling dowry cases in the state of Kerala, the Film Employees Federation of Kerala(FEFKA) released short films on domestic abuse starring Esther Anil and Manju Warrier.

The film was shared widely by many celebrities and public figures including Health Minister Veena George, here is everything you should know before watching the film.

Manju Warrier Domestic Abuse Short Film: All you need to know.

  • The 1.25 minutes short film focuses on the dowry system, harassment of women and domestic abuse as a whole.
  • The curtain of the film lifts with the scene of Esther Anil, a student, reading a book while loitering in the hall room with her father. The setting changes as there are screaming sounds from the house of a neighbour, hinting at a woman being abused by her husband.
  • Sreekanth Murali, playing the father, tries to ignore the floating cries initially but when it doesn’t stop, he takes a step. The step of shutting the curtains of the window, trying to cut off the noise.
  • Disappointed by her father’s actions, Anil sorts to take a step herself when she calls the abusive neighbour and utters some words in Malayalam which apparently makes him stop his actions right away. Her dialogue roughly translates to, ” Don’t brother, you will be punished.”
  • Manju Warrier comes in at the end of the film with a warning message stating this is not old Kerala anymore and such atrocities will be punished for sure.
  • The film was made by the Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA).
  • Producing the film with FEFKA is Indian Ad Filmmakers (I AM).
  • It was shared by Health Minister Veena George on July 8.
  • Warrier also shared the film, and wrote, “Happy to share this short film against dowry system and domestic violence in the society.”