After Working Out At Gym And Tattooing, Ira Khan Now Tries Kickboxing

Khan, who is quite active on social media, had earlier revealed that she was getting trained in the art of tattooing and exploring it as an “alternate career”.

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Ira Khan kickboxing
Ira Khan kickboxing video: Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan often shares glimpses of her personal life on Instagram— be it working out at the gym, baking the occasional coffee cake or when she got her first tattoo. In another post, the 24-year-old theatre director recently shared a video where she is training in kickboxing.

In the video, Khan can be seen trying her hand at kickboxing. Towards the end of the video, she tries to pin down her fitness trainer and boyfriend Nupur Shikhare in a surprise attack but fails at it. Khan captioned the video, "Kick-boxing is clearly not my thing. What are my arms even doing?! Also... dropping Popeye is clearly not my thing either."

Khan actively shares photos and videos with Shikhare in which both are seen working out together. Last week, she shared a picture of a sketch drawn by her boyfriend on her stories. the sketch was Shikhare's take on a childhood photograph of Khan.  Sharing the picture, his 24-year-old girlfriend wrote, “How?! You’ve only drawn twice in your life! That’s so good!”

Ira Khan's Boyfriend PC: Ira Khan Instagram (@khan.ira)Ira Khan on Battling Depression

Khan had earlier revealed that she was getting trained in the art of tattooing and exploring it as an “alternate career”. Sharing pictures from a tattoo studio on Instagram, Khan wrote: “What?” followed by a bunch of emojis. She also posted a picture of herself working in a tattoo studio, learning the art of tattoo-making."

Unlike her father, Khan is pursuing film-making and aspires to be behind the camera.

She recently opened up about her battle against depression on Instagram and posted a video saying, "I do not have immediate life-threats. That is not how my depression manifests." She had also revealed how she "piles up stuff", and how, "it gets too much and I crash." She further talked about how she survived depression over the past several years. Khan said in the video, “I feel like there’s a part of me that doesn’t believe me”. While talking about burnouts, she said, “The plan is to reduce the frequency and intensity from the burnouts. I don’t need to change my entire being and functioning.”


Khan has also opened up about facing sexual harassment at the age of 14. She shared that she has been visiting a therapist because of her mental health issues.

Who is Ira Khan?

Ira Khan is Aamir Khan’s daughter from his first wife Reena Dutta. She works as a theatre director. Previously, she wanted to pursue a career in music and had contemplated assisting composer Ram Sampath. Talking about her interest in direction, Khan had told Hindustan Times, “I’ve always felt more comfortable and enthusiastic about working off-stage or behind the camera rather than in front of it. I’ve never felt the inclination to act except if it were in an action film, so I get to learn all the cool stunts. Then again.. I can just learn how to do the stunts without a film to work on.”

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