How Cricketer Glenn Maxwell And Pharmacist Vini Raman Found Each Other

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On March 18 this year, Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell and Indian-Australian pharmacist Vini Raman tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony. The two got married after two years of dating, they got engaged in February 2020. Both Maxwell and Vini shared pictures from the wedding ceremony, the vows and the pre-wedding ceremonies according to Tamil traditions as well.

In the past few months, especially with the beginning of 2022, we have seen lots of Bollywood celebrities post pictures of rather grand weddings and the ones that have been seen in most of these weddings is a tradition to respect each other’s culture, religion and identity.

Following the same path of respect and individuality, Maxwell and Vini first posted a picture of them following the wedding traditions of Maxwell, wherein Vini is wearing a white coloured lace wedding dress by Jane Hill and Maxwell in a black tuxedo. They were kissing as petals were thrown on the couple.

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Then Vini shared another closer shot of the two and wrote down excerpts from her vow. She stated, “It doesn’t matter where life takes us as long as I am with you I know I am home. I promise to be your number one fan, supporting you through the highs and lows, to always be interested when you excitedly talk about your day on the golf course and of course to occasionally let you win an argument!”

Raman then posted a picture of them in Indian traditional clothing. Maxwell in a pastel orange coloured sherwani and Vini in a dark green saree with orange borders. The two are seen standing in the greenery, while Maxwell plants a kiss on her forehead.

She wrote, “A little glimpse into our intimate Nalangu/Haldi ceremony (emoji) wedding weel as begun (emojis).”

Glenn Maxwell Vini Raman Love Story: Know Where It All Begun

The Australian cricketer Maxwell, also plays for the Royal Challenger Bangalore. The couple started dating two years ago and got engaged in 2020.

Their pictures together had first surfaced in the year 2017 and in 2019, she was also spotted attending the Australian Cricket Award with him. Last year, on February 21, the couple had celebrated one year of their engagement as Vini shared a picture of herself dressed in traditional Indian wear.

Vini is a pharmacist, who is based in Melbourne, Australia. She was born and brought up in an Indian household. She has a sister named Madhu who also works in the health sector there as a nurse.

(Feature Image Credit: Glenn Maxwell/Instagram)