Bride-To-Be Finds Out Her Family Was Betting On How Long Her Marriage Will Last

When she confronted her family, the woman was told that she didn't have the personality of a "submissive housewife".

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No matter how difficult things get, you count on your family to always be there for you. Therefore, even if things occasionally get a little complicated, you expect your family to support you and always have your back. But what if your family pulls you down behind you back and shows that they have no confidence in you? A bride-to-be recently shared on social media that her family was actually making bets on how long her marriage would last.

The incident left her shocked and now she is considering scrapping her wedding and go for a courthouse wedding instead. While many commenters empathised with the woman, they also opined that scrapping her wedding altogether wouldn't be a good idea. They also offered her alternative solutions.

Family Bets How Long Marriage Will Last

The woman's family, while calling the whole conversation a joke, told her that they didn't see her as the "good little wife" that her fiancé expects her to be and that he might end up regretting his decision to marry her.

She mentioned that her family denied about the bet when she confronted them about it, claiming it was just a simple joke. She wrote in a post on reddit, "I didn’t have the personality to be a submissive housewife which a man like my fiancé would obviously want. My sister-in-law made a joke about making sure my fiancé didn’t realise until after the wedding while I was confronting them."

She continued by saying that while she was already angry over the situation, the joke only made things worse. "I told everybody I was going to cancel the wedding. My family told me I couldn’t do that because people would talk and my future in-laws wouldn’t be happy about it but I told them I didn’t care and they could tell everybody why I never had a wedding ceremony", she further added.

The woman's parents advised her against calling off the wedding since she would regret it in the long run and it would be embarrassing for everyone.


She requested advice from other Redditors on what she should do. The majority of them recommended her to go ahead with the wedding even though they advised her to uninvite the family members who had placed the bet.

One user advises, "Have your wedding just uninvite your family." “Cancel invites for whoever is in on this joke, hire security and make sure they are escorted out if they show up,” advised another user.

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