Congress Candidate Archana Gautam Trolled: 10 Things To Know

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Congress candidate Archana Gautam trolled after Congress announced 125 names on its first list of candidates for the UP Assembly elections. She is the Congress nominee for Meerut’s Hastinapur Assembly seat and has been in the spotlight since then due to her showbiz career.

As part of its “Ladki hoon Lad Sakti hun” campaign, Congress unveiled its initial list of 125 candidates for the assembly elections, which included 50 women candidates. After being nominated by the Congress for the Hastinapur constituency in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, due to her previous showbiz career, Archana Gautam is being trolled on the internet.

Here are ten things to know about the controversy:

1. “It’s no secret that Hastinapur, which is also a Jain pilgrimage centre, is revered by people of several faiths, including Hindus. From this area, Congress has deployed a bikini model. We strongly oppose this move and urge the party to remove her name or we will be forced to protest, “said Ashok Sharma, Hindu Mahasabha’s national vice president.

2. The Hindu Mahasabha also said that Gautam’s nomination from the “old, holy city” had harmed Hindu and Jains’ sensibilities, as many of them regard it as a pilgrimage site.

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3. The BJP’s west UP deputy president, Manoj Poswal, remarked, “I have nothing against any profession or individual, but a party must be careful what message its acts communicate to the general public at large.”

4. What’s the deal with her being trolled on social media? In her latest video which is going viral on Twitter, Gautam can be seen in a blue short dress. Furthermore, she said , “Guys it is very cold but fashion is more important than cold…hahaha… I am losing strength because of the cold.,” loosely translated in English.

5. The Hindi phrases she used in her video received backlash from the internet. Many users questioned the Congress’ decision to offer her a ticket in the Uttar Pradesh election after seeing her video on Twitter. Many criticised her for being ‘unworthy’ of a ticket.

6. In response to the criticism, Alka Lamba, a senior Congress politician, remarked in response, “What sort of mindset evaluates a woman by the role she portrays on television or the career she chooses?” Smriti Irani, a BJP leader, was a model before she started performing on TV shows was also mentioned. “Those that circulate posters from her modelling days are not supported by us. I’d like to advise Archana Gautam to stay put and work hard. If she wins, it will be a victory for women and a victory over regressive views, ” she added.

7. What is Archana Gautam’s opinion on the subject? In 2018, she was also crowned Miss Bikini India. She made her Bollywood debut in the adult comedy film Great Grand Masti.

8. She was unaffected by the situation. “It’s nothing more than trolling me.” She said that she was born in Hastinapur and is well versed in the region. She added, “Those who circulate my bikini-clad photographs have revealed their own mentality. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.”

9.Gautam asked people not to mix her media career with her political career

10. Hastinapur is a tiny town and an assembly constituency in the Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, located on the banks of the Ganga. It was the capital of the Kuru dynasty, which is referenced in the Mahabharata, and it is home to several temples, including the Pandeshwara and Karna temples. Hastinapur is also a popular Jain pilgrimage destination because it is said to be the birthplace of three Jain Tirthankaras and is home to numerous Jain temples.

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