Who Is Ariadna Hafez? The Spanish Dancer Whose Underwater Tango Performance Went Viral

Ariadna Hafez
Ariadna Hafez: A choreographer from Spain, Ariadna Hafez has become an internet sensation for her underwater Tango performance, the video of which went viral on social media earlier this week.

The performer, Ariadna Hafez wore a white shirt and black underwear and went underwater to perform the rhythm for a three-minute film Tang’O, directed and produced by Frenchman Bastien Soleil.

Check out Ariadna Hafez in this video here:

But, who is Ariadna Hafez?

1. Hafez is a free diver, dancer and choreographer based in Spain.

2. Hafez on her Instagram account defines herself as an “underwater model”, a professional dancer and a freediver. She boasts of 71k followers on the social media platform.

3. She often shares videos of her passion for scuba diving and water apnea.

4. Hafez was part of the second edition of the reality show Fame, Let’s dance! in 2009, where she had demonstrated her dance skills. She has also been a dancer in television shows and in the film Mi gran Noche (My Big Night) by Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia.

5. On Monday, director Soleil took to Instagram and shared the video. Sharing behind-the-scenes details, he claimed that the scenes were shot with no air assistance and the cameraman and Hafez had to freedive 120 times to complete filming.

6. According to Soleil, “Sometimes, art is doing something simply because we know it will be beautiful” as he also praised Hafez’s talent saying, “TANG’O offers the viewer an innovative take on underwater videography and art in general.”

7. He also urged viewers to watch Hafez’s “powerful” and “dynamic” performance to be “transported far away from daily routine, into a mesmerizing dreamlike world.”

8. Hafez performed the choreography on a chair in the pool at a depth of ten meters.

9. The video has more than 52,747 views and 1.2k likes on YouTube.

10. Netizens lauded Hafez’s performance and called the three-minute clip “hypnotizing”.

Watch the Tang’O video here:

Feature Image Credit: Frenchman Bastien Soleil/Instagram