Padmaavat Star Anupria Goenka Talks About Facing Rejections In Bollywood

This is what the Padmaavat star Anupria Goenka says about facing rejections in Bollywood and how she coped with it.

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Anupria Goenka on Facing rejections in Bollywood: In an interview, Anupria Goenka opened up about the rejections she faced throughout her career. Goenka shared how rejections are a part and parcel of an actor's life.  Goenka also spoke about how she's coped with them.

Anupria Goenka who was seen in many big-budget movies like Padmaavat, War, Tiger Zinda Hai, etc., is currently making her mark on OTT platforms too. She has appeared in shows such as Sacred Games, Bobby Deol's Asharam, Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, The Final Call, and many more. In a recent interview with, Anupria Goenka shared her experiences from the days she was an aspiring actor.

Anupria Goenka on facing rejections

Goenka opened up about how she faced several rejections when she had first started working for advertisements. Further, she added how she was doing 200 to 300 of such auditions and only one of them would materialise into something fruitful.

Further, Anupria Goenka shared how she was once disheartened as she was finalised for a lead role but later it ended up with someone else. Even though the production house did apologise to her, Goenka shared how it wasn't very easy to deal with it.

In another incident, things did not work out with a big production house. About this Goenka said, "I took it in my stride." Goenka further added that she did not collaborate with the same house later on.

Talking about this, Goenka said, "It is a very uncertain field. It is a part of the job profile that we are in, right? You are being judged or scrutinized every second. You are putting yourself out there and being vulnerable to someone else's opinion." The actor also added an important remark for other aspiring actors that something auditions do not materialise into something good but the actor shouldn't take it personally and get affected by it.

In November 2020, Goenka opened up how a spiritual leader once tried to take advantage of her when she was just 18. Goenka said, “My family trusted him very heavily. Even I had started to believe in him. He sounded reasonable and said just the right things, he sounded very practical. But he tried to take advantage of me. I was 18 then. That scarred me for a very, very long time.”

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