This Is What Ankita Lokhande Has To Say About Her Breakup With Sushant Singh Rajput

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Ankita Sushant relationship: Pavitra Rishta actor Ankita Lokhande has been in the news ever since her co-star and former boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput’s death last year. Recently, she opened up about her breakup with Rajput and how it had an effect on her life and career.

“He chose his career”

Lokhande and Rajput had a six-year-long relationship that ended in 2016. In an interview, Lokhande said that Rajput “chose his career” over the relationship while she rejected Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani because she wanted to get married to him. She said she struggled to move on after the breakup, “People come and tell me ‘You left Sushant…’. How do you know that? Nobody knows about my thing, you know. I am not blaming anyone here. Sushant… he made his choice very clear. He wanted to go on with his career. He chose his career and moved on. But for two-and-a-half years, I was dealing with so many things.”

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“I am not that sort of a person who can easily move on”

Lokhande and Rajput started dating each other while starring on the TV show Pavitra Rishta. “I was not in that state of mind where I could just work… I am not that sort of a person who can easily move on and get busy with work. So you know for me it was very difficult. My family stood by me. My life was just finished. I was just finished. I did not know what to do after that. I still am not blaming anyone. He chose his ways. But my ways were different. I was craving for love, emotions and all that… I gave him full right that ‘It’s your life, you can go on’,” she added.

“I gave up on Happy New Year

Lokhande also claimed that she gave up on films such as Happy New Year because of Rajput. “I gave up on many things. I gave up on Happy New Year. I remember Farah ma’am offered me the film and I met Shah Rukh sir also. He was like, ‘I will try to give you the best debut.’ And I was like, okay, but at the back of my mind… I was in Macau. Me, Sushant and Shah Rukh, we were sitting, and I was like ‘God, I hope I don’t get it.’ When it comes to women, they always think that: ‘No yaar, I wish the best for my partner’. Till today, I have no regrets. I was trying to build a man and I did that, you know, quietly I was trying to be a very strong support for Sushant.”

She also revealed that she chose not to act in films such as Bajirao Mastani, Ram-Leela and even Sultan. Lokhande said she had told Bhansali, “I want to get married” when she was offered a role in Bajirao Mastani.

“Plagued with negative thoughts”

Further revealing that she was “completely lost” after the split, Lokhande said that there was a time when she could not get out of bed or even talk to anyone, including her parents. She added, “You are plagued with negative thoughts. Maybe I wanted to finish myself. You do think of such things at that time but then I came out of it.”

How Ankita Lokhande stood up to trolls

Earlier this month, in an Instagram Live, Lokhande lashed out at trolls who were sending abusive messages to her, blaming her for her break up with Rajput. She even asked where they were when the relationship was in its last leg. “Everyone has different motives in life. Sushant always wanted to grow in his life and that is what he did. He went his way. How am I to blame for that? Why am I being abused? What did I do wrong? You don’t know what is my story, so stop blaming me. It is really hurtful,” she said in the video.

Rajput died by suicide in June last year and Lokhande was one of the few celebs who stood by the late actor’s family.

Feature Image Credit: TOI/Ankita Lokhande Instagram