Someone Stole From Beyoncé !

singer Beyonce
American singer Beyoncé is now facing a nasty theft. Her storage units were raided by thrives who stole 1 million dollars worth of valuables which include designer handbags and dresses.

It is believed that the singer is linked to three storage units situated in Los Angeles. It is said that the units were rented out by her production company Parkwood Entertainment.

American singer Beyoncé has faced a burglary before

The singer has already dealt with a similar theft earlier this month. All the items that were stolen belonged to

Beyoncé and some of her stylists. The stolen items include kids toys, handbags, photos, and many more.

However American singer Beyonce isn’t the only one who has had to deal with a situation like this. Early this year, American singer Miley Cyrus had also faced a similar theft. Many of her personal items such as family photos were stolen from her storage unit in Los Angeles. This was actually the second burglary the singer was dealing with.

In December 2018, guitars worth 10,000 dollars were stolen from a storage unit in San Fernando Valley. Miley Cyrus had initially thought that one of her family members might have borrowed the instruments, but it was found that it was a burglary.

The police are still investigating the latest break-in that occurred in Miley Cyrus’ storage units.

As far as her work is concerned, American singer Beyonce won four Grammy awards just two weeks ago. She has now won the most number of NAACP Image Awards this year. She picked up the Outstanding Female Artist honour for Black Parade and Outstanding Music Video/Visual Album for Brown Skin Girl, which also won her a Grammy for Best Video. She was also honoured for her work with Megan Thee Stallion, whose track Savage Remix bagged the award for Outstanding Hip Hop/Rap Song.