Vinesh Phogat Questions Silence Of Cricketers: What Are They Afraid Of?

Amid the protest, Phogat has questioned the silence of the country's top cricketers on the wrestler's #MeToo row.

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Vinesh Phogat Questions Cricketers
The MeToo movement has once again escalated in the sports industry. Vinesh Phogat and other wrestlers are demanding justice over the sexual harassment allegations against the chief of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. Amid the protest, Phogat has questioned the silence of the country's top cricketers on the wrestler's #MeToo row.

The concerns of Phogat are valid, it has been a while since the sexual harassment allegations were made. First, in the month of January, the wrestler hit the road to protest against the WFI Chief, demanding the termination of the Chief. Several wrestlers such as Phogat, Sakshi Malik, and more have been sleeping on the street as a mark of protest over the lack of action on the matter, yet no actions have been taken. It is a universal truth, the powerful people are not easy to bring down.

Considering Singh's position, the wrestler had to hit the road but still even preliminary investigation has not been conducted. The system usually favour powerful personality. Police have told Supreme Court before registering the FIR (one of the demands of wrestlers), a preliminary probe is needed. Why the probe is not conducted yet? Given the scenario, the influential people in the industry have stayed muted. Cricketers are worshipped in the country. If any of the cricketers would have spoken on the matter, there is a possibility of creating pressure. Adding weight to the side against a powerful person would have helped in many ways.

Vinesh Phogat Questions Cricketers

Phogat critically attacked top cricketers and said they are okay with tweeting about random things on social media, but today a part of a fraternity needs you, you opted for silence. During the Black Lives Matter controversy, cricketers came forward and supported the cause. Today, when at their own home, an athlete needs similar support, the players are aloof. Isn't it hypocrisy? Many times cricketers have congratulated these athletes for winning medals for their country. If they had faith in their abilities then why not now. But today when athletes are in crisis where are the tweets of their opinion on the matter? Every opinion of the cricketers counts, they have a great amount of influence in the country. Phogat raised questions, Are cricketers so afraid of the system? Or even there is something suspicious going on? Phogat

Is this about the sponsorship agreements the cricketers and other sportspersons have or the system has induced fear in them? Phogat expects a neutral message on the matter. Isn't it right also, no one expects them to support the protest, but one can always put their opinion in public. Like Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra did, he tweeted- “It hurts me to see our athletes on the streets demanding justice." Further wrote, “This is a sensitive issue, and must be dealt with in an impartial and transparent manner. Pertaining authorities must take quick action in order to ensure that justice is served.”

More than cricketers using its influence, it is about acknowledging the problem. This is the first time in India that women revealed Metoo in the sports industry. And if the fraternity doesn't speak on the matter, there is no point in discussing women's empowerment and equality in sports.

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