‘My Ex-Boyfriend Threw Acid On Me But Not On My Dreams’: Sanchayita Jadav Dey

Acid attack survivor
Acid attack survivors are seen in a different light in their society. It is not just their physical appearance that is judged but people also make assumptions about their character very easily. However, Sanchayita Jadav Dey did not let any of it bother her after her former partner attacked her with acid.

Jadav Dey wanted to live an ordinary life but the course of her life changed after that attack. However, Sanchayita did not let that define her. She decided to fight, to stand up against the wrong and to get justice for the pain that she endured and the wrong that was done to her.

Sanchayita stands as an inspiration for all those survivors whose voices are unheard and often suppressed.

Acid Attack Survivor Sanchayita Jadav Dey Shares Her Story

“Growing up, my father was my everything. I wanted to become a police officer & he believed in me. In 2010, when I was in college, I met a guy & we fell in love. We wanted to get married & my parents happily agreed. One day my uncle found out that he was lying about his identity & was jobless. The same year I lost my father. My world had fallen apart. My ex-boyfriend tried fixing things between us. He promised he would find a job but he didn’t change. I felt cheated & broke ties with him,” recalled Sanchayita.

She added, “In 2014, while I was going over to my neighbour’s, he came out of nowhere, threw acid on my face & ran away. My family rushed me to the hospital, but it was too late. I could feel my skin burn. At the hospital, I had to dress every day as my mom held the mirror. I’d lost my right eye. I broke down when I saw my face. Every time I opened my mouth to eat, my skin would bleed. But I didn’t give up. The only good thing that happened during that time was Subhro.”

Speaking about her quest for justice she said, “He was my best friend and visited me every day and his silly jokes made me laugh. His care and affection gave me the spirit to fight back again. I filed an FIR against my ex & 20 days later was released from the hospital. The world seemed a different place when I came back home. Everyone was scared to face me, even my friends. I was taunted more by women than men, but my mom and Subhro didn’t leave my side and love knocked on my door again”

“In 2015 I had facial reconstruction surgery. Post recovery I started looking for a job but couldn’t get one because of my face. I joined an NGO, to help others like me. I received a lot of fame at work and everyone wanted to know my story, I was even called for reality shows and met celebrities. When I lost my mom in 2019, I felt empty, but I didn’t stop fighting. It took three and a half years to get justice, he was finally convicted in 2021 for 14yrs. That day I really missed my parents,” Sanchyita said about her former partner being convicted.

“I married Subhro in 2020. His parents love me more than [they love] him. A year later we were blessed with our daughter Arna. Today I work at a 5-star property as an inventory in-charge and was also awarded the Shakti Shaman. All I want to say is someone can burn your face with acid but not your dream.”

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