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Crack the code – 8 points to note when writing college admission essays

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The process of applying to college can be very stressful, especially if your dream college is very difficult to get it. Every admission officer of every college will agree that apart from your grades and extra curricular, what really helps them make the decision is your essay. An essay has to be strong, powerful, it should depict who you are without trying to sound way to self-obsessed.

Writing your life story in just 500-600 words can be tough!

So here are 8 points you cannot forget to consider when writing college admission essays.

#1 Be you –

Don’t try to show the college admission officer who you are not. Don’t hide behind flowery and buttery language. Tell them who you are! That’s what they look for – authenticity.

#2 Make sure that you know the college you are writing to well –

Knowing about the college, and mentioning specific professors you want to work with and classes you want to attend, makes the admission officer realise that you are really interested in getting into the college.

#3 Do your research before getting into writing –

Doing your research regarding what your major would be, and directing your writing towards that helps the officer process why you would be valuable in that class.

#4 Answer the question asked –

Rather often, students don’t understand the prompt, and launch into writing. Understand what you are expected to write. A ‘How question will be answered differently that a ‘Why’ question.

#5 Consider important events and experiences in your life –

Make sure you talk about experiences that shaped you as a person. The university looks for a child with a well-rounded growth. Talking about life experiences helps them visualise who really are. Sharing ideas makes the essay much more authentic and real, something every college looks for.

#6 Be specific –

Vague essays are boring. Fill up your essays with specific details and anecdotes. This individuality is what gives you the edge.

#7 Develop a structure –

Make sure that you break down your points in a organised manner, and write it in format that is easy to read.

#8 Lastly, get feedback and edit it –

Make sure you take feedback and rework on it. Often others spot loopholes which we can’t see in our own work. Also make sure you edit your work before submitting. Sometimes it all comes down to small errors.

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Kavya Shah is an intern at SheThePeople.TV