Keeping It Re(a)l: Should Influencers Post Their Imperfect Pictures?

In an interview with Shaili Chopra, content creator Sakshi Sindwani strongly advocates the idea of imperfection and authenticity and refuses to conform to societal expectations of perfection.

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Scrolling through social media, we all come across pictures of celebrities and influencers that stay in our minds. Their dressing style, their accessories and especially the glow and smile on the face - everything seems so perfect. Then, we put down our devices and wonder how are they so happy? Do they not face any problems in life? Is money and fame benefitting them? What is wrong with me? 


Almost all of us are addicted to social media. Not only because we enjoy the reels and memes but also because we vicariously live through the lively content of celebrities. We develop an idea of perfection when we see their photos. What next? We all try to put up pictures that show the best of us. We seek validation from the likes and comments those photos receive. But we forget that our real lives aren't as still as the photos. They change as trials and tribulations come our way. Because of the picture-perfect selves we portray on social media, our struggles are ignored. Because of the obsession to always show happy faces, we feel lonely when we actually need people. 

Content Creator Sakshi Sindwani talks about embracing impection

Pointing out this obsession with perfect life, content creator Sakshi Sindwani said, "I think people just try to be too perfect. The idea of perfection is just so strong in people's heads." She further added that people try to present idealised version of themselves and hide their anxieties, stress and insecurity. She strongly advocates the idea of embracing imperfection and authenticity and refusing to conform to societal expectations of perfection.

Sindwani never thinks twice before posting her pictures which are not perfect. Rather, she encourages people to post pictures that are imperfect. Sindwani talked about the posts of her marriage and said that she strictly asked the photographers to not  photoshop or skin-correct her face. "I wanted people to see that you know, my face with acne with bombs and texture, even as a bride, like I don't have to be the most perfect bride," she said. 

Sindwani is not alone in embracing her imperfections and not being ashamed of portraying them in public.


Influencer, content creator and actor Dolly Singh has often posted unfiltered pictures. She has been vocal about her anxieties and didn't shy away from posting a picture post her breakdown. See one such post here:

Then, Kusha Kapila, an influencer and actor, posted a picture that showed her acne. 



South Asian lifestyle influencer, entrepreneur, model and activist Diipa Khosla gave a reality check to her followers when she posted a picture of her stretch marks after pregnancy.

She addressed the mothers and said, "Lets all start being a little more honest about the up- and downsides of the miracle of motherhood. Every woman will react, recover and change in a different way. In her own way. And that is not only ok. It’s beautiful."

What do these posts tell us?

These posts clearly show that influencers are beginning to advocate that life is not perfect, not even for them. No matter how much fame or money one earns, life can never be perfect or free of struggles. As followers of these influencers and more, let us accept that our idols too have setbacks in life that change them. They are also humans with bodies that undergo changes, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Rather than shaming them for looking ugly, disgusting or unattractive, let us look into our own bodies and lives and question- is it perfect? 


The purpose of social media is to connect with the world and learn about new trends. You can embrace new ideas and trends but also remember that just like the changing trends, your life too is fickle. It cannot be always happy and chirpy neither can it be always sad. 

Let's us accept the influencers who post pictures that do not conform to perfection. They are setting examples of a new trend that embraces imperfection. This will help people to be more aware of problems people might be going through and be empathetic. Why not follow this trend too? 

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