What Made Aarifa Bhinderwala Become A Pioneer In Pole Dancing?

Aarifa Bhinderwala, in conversation with Shaili Chopra on the Rule Breaker show, shares her journey of building a career in pole dancing in India.

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What Made Aarifa Bhinderwala Become A Pioneer In Pole Dancing?

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Embarking on a new career path, especially one that defies conventional norms, requires a unique kind of determination and passion. Aarifa Bhinderwala, in her conversation with Shaili Chopra on The Rule Breaker Show, shares her inspirational journey of building a career in pole dance in India.


Aarifa's Journey To Pole Dancing

When asked about what kind of issues did she face in convincing people who are totally unconvinced that pole dancing is a profession? Aarifa recounted how her nuclear family has always been very supportive, but her extended family had reservations. They saw her excellent academic performance and believed that she should pursue a career in medicine, like her sister. Convincing them was challenging because pole dance as a profession was unheard of and unconventional.


Following a Calling


Aarifa recounts how she felt a deep, intrinsic pull towards pole dancing. "When I started my pole journey, it felt like a calling," she explains. This calling was not something she could ignore. It was an internal fire that drove her to pursue her passion, despite societal expectations and familial pressures.

The Importance of Inner Fire

Aarifa emphasizes the importance of having an inner fire to drive one’s pursuits. "If you have an energy within you, then the kind of focus you have becomes super streamlined," she notes. This focus helped her push through the noise and distractions, making other concerns fade into the background.

Aarifa Bhinderwala's journey is a testament to her passion and determination. Her story inspires those who wish to forge their own paths, emphasizing that with enough inner fire and focus, one has to break some rules in order to achieve their dreams.

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