Truth Bombs About Sex That Movies Never Drop On Us

In movies, people seem to be mind readers who know exactly what to do and how to do it. In real life, we have to communicate our needs as we go on.

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Movies influenced our perception of what sex was like when we were younger. Who wouldn’t have experienced at least a tingling sensation while watching a really hot scene onscreen, that would have us wondering, is this for real? Can it be so flawless? Is it this perfect? The truth about sex is far more complex than films would have us believe.

There is a great difference between sex in movies and sex in real life. What we are fed in movies is a choreographed act, and only the best snippets are edited and added to the film. The intention is to make it look appealing to the audience, so there are a lot of fakeries added to it. Gear up, for here are some truth bombs about sex in real life.

Sex in real life is perfectly imperfect

Onscreen sex is always perfect, intense, steamy, passionate, and in sync, while sex in real life is raw, messy, funny, and awkward. There is slipping out, breaks in between, clumsiness while changing positions, fumbling around while undressing, and so on. It’s nowhere near perfect, but it is very real and beautiful in its own way.

Sex in real life has communication

In movies, people seem to be mind readers who know exactly what to do and how to do it. In real life, we have to communicate our needs and wishes as we go on.

Everything takes time in real life


In real life, getting an erection, right amount of lubrication, or having orgasms all take time and effort. A busy schedule, distraction, stress, etc., could affect every aspect of sex in a negative sense.

Not everyone gets it done the first time

Unlike what we see in movies, not all of us get it right with penetration the first time. Women might need time or a lot of lubrication. There is also a condition called vaginismus that women face, which makes penetration difficult. Read more about it here.

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There is more foreplay

In movies, one minute the couple is kissing and ripping their clothes off, and the next minute, penetration happens. In real life, a lot of time is spent on foreplay to get physically and emotionally ready for the main thing.

Nobody looks impeccable

No one looks like a Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret model in bed. We get all sweaty, our hair is half undone, and our make-up gets smudged.

It’s not so easy to have sex anywhere and everywhere

In the shower, in the car, on the kitchen counter, on the couch, at the beach, at work, etc. Movies make it look like a cakewalk, but in real life, sex outside of the bedroom requires planning beforehand. Also, there are things that definitely can’t be done in public.


It's actually painful to slam into walls

A lot of crashing against objects and slamming into walls is shown in movies during sex scenes. While it could happen in real life, what we see in movies seems way too rough and painful.

Use of contraception is seldom seen in movies

Unless planning for a baby, most couples are likely to use contraceptives during intercourse, but rarely is this aspect shown in movies.

Cleaning up after the deed

It’s usually healthy to clean up after sex. Also, most people would be uncomfortable sleeping with all the sweat and wetness. But when have ever seen someone clean up their privates etc after &t=1s">sex?

So, there we have it! Simply put, sex in movies appears to be perfect but only creates false expectations, while sex in real life is perfectly imperfect.

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