Beyond Ice-Cream Tubs And Tissue Boxes: 5 Tips To Survive A BreakUp

It might hurt like hell right now and you may want to make a deal with the devil to get your ex back, but really, don’t.

Preetika Dubey
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Break-ups are tough, yes. Does it feel like the sky is falling and the ground cracking beneath your feet? Yes and yes. Does Channa Mereya echo in your head post a break-up too? Been there, sister. But does a break-up really mean the end of the world? Trust me, you can survive more heartbreaks than you think.

Here are five tips to survive a breakup and get your mojo back:

1. There’s nothing a little self-indulgence can’t fix: Dear ladies, take a deep breath and channelise The Breakup Song. Go give yourself a nice salon session or take a trip to the spa. If you’re not up to it, light some candles and take a shower while playing Taylor Swift songs. All these 24-by-7 stores await your pizza and ice cream orders, indulge yourself, and feel the pleasure of not having to share your bar of chocolate while you bite into it. Buy a new dress or get that expensive mascara. Do. It.

2. Your girl gang has your back: We often end up undermining platonic relationships when romance enters our lives. But the truth is, only friends have your back in tough times. It’s time to call up your girlfriends and get together over fries and ketchup. No matter who dumped who, your girl gang is well equipped to bash up that ex and hype you up. You don’t need to wallow in misery alone; in fact, the worst thing you can do is to isolate yourself. So, send in an SOS and lean on your girlfriends.

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3. If it didn’t last, it most definitely wasn’t meant to be: Write this one down and affirm every day till you’ve learnt it by rote. Sounds corny, but you need to give yourself the pep-talk. Do you trust the universe? Maybe it’s time you did. Believe that the universe is looking out for you, and it would bring better things (and people) to you who’d hold your hand throughout. If it isn’t meant to be, the &t=4s">relationship will fade away and so will your six degrees of separation.

4. This too shall pass: Truer words haven’t been spoken. It might hurt like hell right now and you may want to make a deal with the devil to get your ex back, but really, don’t. There’s not a single phase in life that doesn’t rise and fall. This too shall pass; new romances will find their way to you and you’ll learn a thing or two about your endurance. Believe that no matter how bleak the future might seem right now, it does exist. Let the heart ache swallow you, cry your hardest but don’t forget that this won’t last.

5. Don’t go looking for rebounds-: Sometimes it’s fueled by vengeance and sometimes by temptation; but you have to stay wary of this one. Because I’ve been there and done that, I can vouch for how unhealthy and self-sabotaging this is. Give yourself time to heal and recuperate before you jump back in. It’s not just unfair to you but to the other person as well.

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