Tackling Period Cramps: A PMS-ing Vagina Owner's Guide To Zen

Tackling period cramps successfully is half the battle won during periods. The remaining half is spent battling mood swings and other physical discomforts.

Shivangi Mukherjee
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Tackling Period Cramps
Every vagina owner has faced period cramps at some of their periods if not all. There are menstruators out there who face period cramps on a daily. Tackling period cramps therefore because of primary importance.

PMS-ing sets in for some of us a week before periods, it continues well into our periods and for some of us it still lasts after. Blessed are the few who are released from experiencing the latter.

Tackling period cramps successfully is half the battle won during periods. The remaining half is spent battling mood swings and other physical discomforts.

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Tackling Period Cramps Like A Warrior


That chocolate and pastry you've been thinking about salivating are your worst enemy. Dark chocolates are your pals if you wish to have any chocolate at this point in time. Avoid caramels, milk chocolates, or any other sort of chocolate. Avoid the pastry because the sugar worsens your cramps. Ditch the caffeine, that doesn't work wonders for your cramps either.

 Clean food

You're probably going to hate me for being a mom here. But I promise having clean food and skipping junk alleviates your cramps. Substitute that sweet craving with a banana. Bananas are sweet to have and instantly alleviate your period cramps. A peanut butter banana sandwich works splendidly for me. Switching your cup of coffee for a warm cup of herbal tea might make your toes curl if you've been lying in bed with mood swings for the past couple of hours.


I know this might sound daunting for a few of you. However, exercising during your periods works like a charm. It's an instant cramp lifter. I usually lift during my periods and my cramps disappear soon after. Initially, I used to feel intimidated at the thought of doing a leg day during my periods. One day however I decided to find the courage for it. I haven't turned back since. There are forms of exercise that you can reach out to if you're not fond of lifting, such as cardio, dancing, yoga, pilates, etc.

Comfortable fit

Different fits work differently for different people. Some people may feel more comfortable in their lower halves adorning more tighter fits to keep their sanitary product in place. While others using insertable sanitary measures might choose to wear a looser fit in the comfort of their homes.

A tighter waistband on your belly can aggravate period pain. Therefore make sure you wear a comfortable waistband.


There is very little that sleep is unable to fix. Your best bet to alleviate cramps after eating a meal is sleeping.

Your body has been losing blood and needs rest. It is ideal to eat clean and let sleep rejuvenate you. Even when sleep seems a distant option, there are always naps. Those that do not have the privilege to look forward to naps can factor in resting their body consciously by making small changes in their routine. For instance, if you walk to a destination, take a transport. If you exercise during this time, try to not go too hard on yourself.

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