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Removing The Bra. Best Feeling Ever. Here’s Why.

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Removing The Bra: Women have never loved unhooking something as much as they love unhooking these little chains of confinement. Nothing in this world can match the feeling of unhooking your bra and flinging it over on your bed at the end of an overtly hectic day (No matter how goddamn exquisite it is). Here’s why.

The Sheer Freedom

After calling out everyday sexism, consoling our colleagues over their dates which went south and casually fighting for our rights in the world, we deserve this much freedom right? There is nothing more symbolic of freedom than the ceremonious removing of your bra. You are free from all the restraints of life. It’s time to let those babies breathe!

Smashing Societal Standards

Remember that scene from Titanic when Rose’s mother makes her wear that terribly tight corset? Just watching that gave me the shivers. Seriously, we women have been subjected to these evil shackles since decades due to so-called societal expectations and a need for support. And like idiots, we even follow it all the freakin’ time. But ladies, deep within we all are just eagerly waiting to take off that bra the entire day. In fact, I feel my boobs screaming for azaadi the whole day.

No Wires trying to Stab you in the Heart

They say, the ones closest to your heart hurt you the most. Like the underwire in my bra that tries to stab me all the time. And honestly, it’s quite upsetting when something supposed to support and protect you, stabs you right in your most vulnerable area. After removing the bra, we can finally ease ourselves from the curtailment of our harnesses.

No More Pain from the Straps Digging into your Shoulders

If you’ve ever carried a backpack, you know how painful it can get when the straps start dig into your shoulders. And if you’ve ever worn a bra, you are all too familiar with this feeling because you experience it for majority of the day. All day. Every day.

Whether it’s the straps digging deeper into your skin or the wires plotting your murder, no part of wearing a bra feels good. And when these strings of suffocation are unhooked, the feeling is unparalleled (exceptional). Life’s stupid existential crisis just melts away for a few minutes as you scratch that itch you’ve been battling the whole day.

Air Ventilation

Taking off your bra is like blessing yourself with an in-built air-conditioning. The space between your breasts gives the term “wind tunnel” an entirely new meaning, when this “suffocating the life out of you cage” comes off. And you can actually breathe. Again.

Don’t have to worry about gross red marks

No one likes to look at those red indentations caused by wearing a bra all day. So the sooner you take off that bra, the sooner you say bye to those angry, red lines.

The less you wear a bra, the bouncier your boobs will be

Studies have shown that bras do not help in reducing back pain, and over time can actually make our breasts saggier. Isn’t this enough of a reason to never wear a bra again?

Unhooking the bra signifies the end of all daily activities

Once your bra comes off, all plans for the day are officially out of the window. Once you’ve settled into your comfort clothes (basically pajamas), there is no going back. Removing the bra is the most liberating experience and it totally brings out the real us. Honestly, the feeling is out of this world.

So, ladies let’s unite and appreciate this basic yet ground breaking action that is unhooking the bra.

Free the Nipples. Bounce the Boobies.

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