Podcast Recommendations: 5 Podcasts That Helped Me Survive The COVID Gloom

From the glamourous life of Beverly Hills to history, literature, therapy, and music, all the podcast recommendations are available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

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Podcast Recommendations: Ranging from the glamorous life of Beverly Hills to history, literature, therapy, and music, here are 5 podcasts that helped me survive the COVID gloom. All the podcast recommendations are available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

All Things Vanderpump

If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills show and Lisa Vanderpump, you’re bound to like this podcast. In All Things Vanderpump, guests along with hostess Lisa Vanderpump talk about matters ranging from pop culture to drag queens to divorces to astrology, only to name a few. Through this podcast, the ex-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shows herself as an excellent entertainer and hostess and not only as a businesswoman.

Life clearly isn't all diamonds and rosé but it seems like it is for a short while when you listen to Lisa Vanderpump talk every week.

Therapy Thoughts

It’s clear that from the name of the podcast itself, this is going to be therapeutic. Although the topic of mental health and awareness has gained momentum over the years, talking about therapy can still be uncomfortable for a lot of people because of several reasons.

In Therapy Thoughts by Tiffany Roe, the host along with the listeners tackle different topics surrounding the human mind and body which change the mental health game, especially during the gloomy pandemic.


TED Talks Daily

Informative and interesting would be excellent words to describe the TED Talks Daily. The podcast ignites one’s curiosity and provides thought-provoking ideas on different ranges of subjects. For people whose attention span has gone down due to the exhaustion during the pandemic, most of the TED Talks Daily episodes are only ten to fifteen minutes long.

The History of Literature

Literature has been one of the most therapeutic forms of creativity that have helped many people through the pandemic. Hosted by literature enthusiast Jacke Wilson, The History of Literature definitely makes it to our podcast recommendations.

The History of Literature deals with ancient epics, classics, and contemporary writings of literature along with their writers. Each podcast episode lasts about an hour so if you assume that there will be tons of information shared, you’re exactly right.

Souls At Sundown

With 94 episodes, the Souls At Sundown podcast posted its final episode on December 16, 2020. But that doesn’t mean it should not be given recognition. The podcast revolves around advice and music hosted by Meghan Hughes.

In Souls At Sundown, Hughes talks about boundaries and perspectives, cancel culture, female beauty standards, and coping during quarantine, all combined with music. It’s definitely a podcast that everyone should listen to.

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