'Took Her Out For A Date': Neeraj Choudhary Speaks About His Mother

Neeraj Chaoudhary, a social media content creator, spoke to SheThePeople about how he took his mother on a date. Here's his story:

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Neeraj Choudhary
Establishing a work-life balance was a difficult task. With workspaces shifting to virtual spaces because of the pandemic, it has become even more difficult to devote time to others. Many do not get to spend time with their aged parents because of the hectic routine in spite of their love for their parents. When we give them less time, attention and affection, our parents also tend to feel unloved and that we have forgotten them. Parents don’t demand anything grandeur, just a few minutes of your day, quality time. But you can go beyond and make these little efforts as Neeraj Choudhary did for his mother.

Choudhary, a social media content creator, spoke to SheThePeople about his relationship with his mother, a small date he planned for her. Here’s his story:

"My mother has spent the last 35 years of her life caring for her students and her family. She never took time for herself to enjoy her life. My dad never took her out. Over the years, she began to believe that she didn’t deserve time off and to have fun,” he said.


The youth wanted to change the perception. And here’s what he did, “I decided to treat her to a fun mother-son date. She rarely splurges on clothes, so I let her buy whatever she wanted, and we ate all her favourite foods. She has seen us kids enjoy sticking our heads out through the sunroof and enjoying the wind in our hair.”

Speaking further about the mother-son date, he said his mother could lose her inhibitions and indulge in things she had always wanted to do. “I knew she always wanted to try it but was too hesitant because she was worried about what others would say. But that day, I insisted that she give it a try, and she had the absolute best time. She even said that she felt like a little girl all over again,” he said.

He also added, “People often tell me my mom is so lucky to have a son like me, but I say shouldn’t all moms be treated this way? Don’t they also deserve to have fun like the rest of us do? They always put their family and others first. Nobody takes the time to make them feel special, and then they begin to believe that they don’t deserve to have fun when they deserve it so much."

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