Celebrating Vitiligo: Beauty Is Accepting Differently-Looking Skin

As someone who has had vitiligo since childhood, the general population sees me as different. I am writing this not to share a sob or a hero story. Here is an attempt to use a compendium to juxtapose the worldview and our own view

Shruti Babbar
Aug 21, 2023 18:54 IST
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For a while now, the term inclusion has been popular in a variety of contexts, including the workplace, daily life, and interpersonal relationships. Although most of us are familiar with its regular usage, I was interested in learning more about it from a dictionary. 

According to the definition, it means, ‘including everyone, especially: allowing and accommodating people who have historically been excluded (because of their race, gender, sexuality, or ability)’. Of or pertaining to education in which students with disabilities are included with the general student population is another definition.

The words ‘allowing’, ‘accommodating’ and ‘historically excluded’ should be highlighted. I wonder how these words signify inclusion. This sounds like one group, which is in the majority, has subsumed authority over the others. It seems as though variation should be in line with only the general population.

Are we really celebrating the differences by being inclusive? The answer is yes and no. Yes, when we welcome different opinions and perspectives. No, when we encounter someone who is physically different from you, in terms of their sexual orientation, gender, colour or abilities. 


As someone who has had vitiligo since childhood, the general population sees me as different. I am writing this not to share a sob or a hero story. Rather, I believe in the power of written words and have attempted to use the “You think, I think” compendium with mostly contrarian pairings to juxtapose the worldview and our own view. 

Living with Vitiligo

You see Vitiligo as white irregular patches on a regular skin

We ask, don’t you enjoy watching white clouds in blue sky?


You think Vitiligo is contagious

I think only love and positivity is contagious

You think Vitiligo is hereditary

I know it is not deeper than the skin

You think Vitiligo is genetically related and can run in families

I ask how common is genome testing for conditions that are not visible?


You think they look different

I think we have the same features as you

You think they need a spokesperson

I think we can speak for ourselves

You think you are being inclusive

I think we are already a part of the same society as you

You think beauty is deeper than the skin

I think beauty is accepting every differently-looking skin


You think you are in the majority

I think we are comfortable in our own skin and don’t necessarily need to belong to a category

You think you can help by standing with us on various public platforms or sharing your support through a post on social media

I think you can also help by being more accepting and role-modelling it to your children

You think beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

I believe in what Shakespeare said, ‘Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye’ and we are not judging you.

Views expressed by the author are their own

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