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Let’s Take A Moment To Thank Our Feminist Brothers

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Feminist Brothers: The relationship a brother and his sister shares is always a special one. You are each other’s best friends and have one another’s back at all times.

Though I have not grown up with a brother from the same mother, I do have a bunch of amazing cousin brothers. They are a supportive lot and never let me down no matter what. When I hear my friends complain about their cousins, I find myself at an awkward position because I have no such story to share. All I have with them is memories I fondly cherish. If you feel blessed to have such supportive feminist brothers, don’t miss the opportunity to thank them for being the incredible persons that they are.

Feminist brothers don’t think of themselves as ‘protectors’

Unlike many brothers who believe it to be their responsibility to protect their sisters, feminist brothers believe in empowering their sisters. They consider their siblings to be independent beings capable enough of protecting their own selves. Men proclaiming themselves as women’s ‘protectors’ quite often miss the whole point of equality. Sons in Indian families are usually taught that they are “superior” to women and should look after their needs. But why should it be a man’s duty to look after and care for females? Can we dream of a developed nation if we continue to place the onus of a woman’s well being on men? A feminist brother will make sure you take care of yourself and handle difficult situations on your own. He won’t tell you to depend on him, rather encourage you to be a stronger and self-sufficient person.

They don’t treat you ‘differently’ for being a woman

Feminist brothers don’t think you to be “incapable” or “delicate”¬† because you are a woman. They don’t try to make you feel inferior but do all that they can to treat you the way you should be. Discriminating between sons and daughters is common in many Indian households. Daughters are expected to adhere to stereotypes and are deprived of their basic rights. A brother who is a feminist will go an extra mile to ensure that such discriminations do not take place. They are the ones who don’t treat you as a “woman” but a human being and that’s the best thing about them.

Brothers Who Listen

A feminist brother values your opinions and stands by you when you raise your voice. He knows you have a say in the matters of the family and doesn’t try to silence you when you put forward your viewpoints. Such a brother respects your thoughts just as much as he respects yours. The cherry on the cake is your secrets are safe with him. He will lend an ear to all the confidential stuffs you share with him and never disappoint you by discussing them with others. Most importantly, you can breakdown in front of him and he will listen to all that you have been going through without being judgmental.

Cheers to all the brothers who refuse to oppress their sisters and come forward to support them. They prove every single day that patriarchy as a system can be crushed only if we work unitedly. Why should it be only a woman’s job to speak up against the wrong doings in the society? If men too take up the responsibility to shatter the set up, we might be successful in our attempt to build an equal world.

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