College Is Not Just Fun, Its A Learning Experience Of Unexpected Things

When it comes to expressing college life, questions and confusions are a natural aspect of existence.

Jayanti Gautam
Nov 16, 2022 17:32 IST
Lesson learnt in College Days
The web series, films has set an ideal view of college as most exciting time of anyone's life. People also believe in it at the same time including myself. That wait from school to getting into college life is a desperate one, infact I personally had a lot of manifestations of my college life. However, once you enter the college, many of these expectations are different. The reality is different  from presumptions and it feels completely different when reality sets in. For a girl it becomes more tougher. 

A girl when she starts her college lot of responsibility and restrictions follows her because she is growing-be it by age, physically or mentally. The social burden starts pouring in. School in that matter has less experience as exposure is limited. As college starts, exposure is broaden and so the restrictions. Everything comes with permission, even doing group studies or stay over at friend requires begging, may be or maybe not allowed. I always felt like- Permission lene me hi Nikal jati hai Ladkiyon Ki Aadhi Zindagi. Isn't I am right? There are curfew times, college pressure, career pressure and lot more.

In school I was a big time dreamer about how my college life will be. When I was in high school, I used to imagine how my college experience would be? Will I merely appear plain and serious? Or will I take full advantage of it? Or will it be loaded with risks or difficulties? Or did I spend my entire ">college thinking just about my career? When you in college you meet these realities which is opposite to your dreams. Top of that social obligations and social restrictions becomes suffocating. Although college life has taught to me navigate these problems, and come out of it. Also, it has given me confidence to attend financial independence. It has also broken my myths of college life being picture perfect as shown in the films and teen dramas.

Here are few of my lesson learnt in college days


College helped me realised the importance of money

I assumed that having my own money would set a standard in college life. I don't need to request my parents for money everytime, like I used to do back home. Here I'm free to purchase anything I want and consume unlimited pasta, Maggies, and cold coffee. But in reality, it's more like a heartbreak when I realised I need to spend money effectively, so that their is no constant asking for money at home. I realised what junk could do to me, and how I might end up with doing rounds to hospital.

When you're independent, you shine differently


Now being independent has become the most significant aspect of my existence. I come from a family which restricted me for many things. For instance- Not allowing to travel alone. Today I am doing it. Earlier, everything need permission like again-Ladkiyon ki AAdhi Zindagi Permission lene me hi nikaal jaati hai somehow confirms this. I had a lot many fights before attending college. I always believed the problem lies with me staying home, once I am out I can be a free word, which was true but also has its own cons. When I moved out for college it felt different, I have been doing things on by myself, trust me that consumes lot more energy than you think. It is not easy. By then I also realised there was no parental error involved behind my restrictions. Without a doubt, my parents are awesome; It was fear and their issues were solely related to the situation of society.

Comparison brings in feeling of inferiority

Comparing yourself with someone else is the worst thing to do to harm your self-confidence. Raising doubts about your abilities will always make you feel less assured. Nothing comes out of it, because everyone has their own pace to do things and achieve success. I understood it little later, but now it has become some sort of mantra. Also, everybody has a unique identity and a unique talent. I've my own specialty, need identify and work on it.


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College becomes family of friends

A bunch of pals, who unexpectedly enter your life and suddenly becomes your family away from home. There are various degrees of comfort with them. I've discovered that during my time in college. I feel most secure and at ease with them in this new setting. It is like chosen family, it equally true with time only handful of friends stay but its worth to have a gang. Because every personality brings something with them, good-bad adds to your own life also. It is both painful as well as learning experience.

End of college is the worst period

Life, in my opinion, is all about Bass Chalte Chalo. Yeah! As a college student, exam pressure definitely differs from that in school; instead, it is career-related. Its not about coming first, its about job mila jaye. What will occur in the future are all the worries, will I succeed or fail. Most of my end days of college life is consistently browsing LinkedIn (Job Opportunity App). I'm working hard, applying for internships, and planning about living after college. Career becomes most important exam of life, there is no cheat code, no cheats, my sole experience to pass flying colours. Although everyone works hard, not everyone works wisely.

The years you spend in college are when you learn everything. After learning all these lessons, here, I acknowledge my potential. I used to underestimate myself, but the college is the only place where I have had these realisation. You can't avoid it. College is about everything, not just having fun.

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